Image from Library of Congress from Wikimedia Commons

Long Island’s Gold Coast, the inspiration for the lavish lifestyle led by Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, was formerly home to many extravagant estates that today are either gone or lay in ruin. These mansions were owned by kings and famous financiers, and one was even frequented by F. Scott Fitzgerald himself.

Of the grand mansions of that era that remain today, many have been re-purposed and renovated, functioning as venues for special events and weddings. However, others have become lost to time. Read on to learn about the 13 estates that once graced the north shore of Long Island:

13. King Zog Estate

King Zog’s mansion can be found in Brookville, Long Island at the Muttontown Preserve. The last monarch of Albania, King Zog fled his home country after the 1939 Italian invasion. In 1951, he paid $100,000 for the Knollwood Estate at Muttontown. However, King Zog never actually moved into the mansion, choosing instead to live in Europe and Africa.

He sold the property in 1955, but rumors about hidden treasures within the mansion have sparked vandals’ curiosity, and the mansion was quickly looted, leading to the new owners selling it in 1959. Today, the mansion is in ruins, and forgotten is the refuge and sign of hope for King Zog and his family.