5. Burrwood

The Walter Jennings estate, Burrwood, was once located on Cold Springs Harbor on Jennings Road before its demolition in 1995. Designed by Carrere & Hastings in 1899, the mansion was named after Aaron Burr, an ancestor of Mrs. Jennings. It was first privately owned by Walter Jennings, nephew to John D. Rockefeller, and the director of Standard Oil, and then became a school for the blind in 1950, owned by the Industrial Home for the Blind.

Built in the Georgian style inspired by a visit to England, the estate was very elaborate with decorative wood paneling and marble mantles and even included a panel depicting the Eight Wonders of the World. After returning to private ownership it was sold to a developer who eventually decided to demolish it. The grounds are now home to new housing, with only the former gate house remaining of the original structure.