12. Lauren Halsey Installation at the Met Rooftop

Lauren Halsey Met rooftop public art 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Photo by Hyla Skopitz

L.A.-based artist Lauren Halsey has brought a bit of the West Coast to New York City with her new installation at the Met Museum’s rooftop garden exhibit. Drawing inspiration from her own life and the museum’s collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts and architecture, she explores how people make public places their own.

This piece of public art is made up of a 22-foot-high cube constructed of 750 glass fiber-reinforced concrete tiles. The temple-like cube is guarded by two sphinxes and surrounded by four towering columns. The faces on the two sphinxes are those of the artist’s mother and brother. The walls of the cube and the columns are covered in words and images from the proverbial “Book of Everyday Life,” inspired by the Egyptian “Book of the Dead.” See more images and learn more here!