10. A Reimagined Pavilion of the Future

New York State Pavilion Ideas competition
Hanging Meadows by Aidan Doyle and Sarah Wan 

In 2016, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and People for the Pavilion announced an international visioning competition to reimagine the New York State Pavilion. The winning design, entitled “Hanging Meadows” reimagines the space as a “suspended natural environment” that would feature plants from the Northeastern United States. In addition to providing beautiful views of the city, it would serve as a planetarium and garden.

In total, over 250 design proposals were submitted. The most popular entries — although not selected — include the “Tent of the Future,” a multifunctional urban space with solar panels that capture energy, and the “Street Art Pavilion,” a “museum laboratory of urban art,” where artists and locals can meet. Check out our coverage of the competition here.

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Remnants of the World’s Fairs Tour

Unisphere in Flushing Meadows

This article was originally written by Susan Xu and updated by Nicole Saraniero

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