10. Raul Mourão’s CAGE HEAD

Cage Head metal sculpture
Photo by Charles Roussel

Brazilian artist Raul Mourão’s CAGE HEAD, built from Corten steel, uses its mass to suggest that gravity is a physical force and challenges its urban environment by inviting viewers to stop and consider the delicate balance that the mass of society rests on, and what applying pressure to it may mean for its composition. Presented by the Fund for Park Avenue Sculpture Committee and NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks program, the five-meter-tall CAGE HEAD is located on the mall at East 68th Street and Park Avenue in front of the Americas Society. 

Mourão was a leading figure for generations of artists who emerged onto the Rio de Janeiro art scene in the 1990s. He has used art to comment on the importance of being thoughtful and valuing meaningful interactions with others and the world around you. CAGE HEAD will be on view until November 5, 2023, a few blocks East of Central Park.