16. Van Gogh’s Cypresses at The Met

Cypress Exhibit of Van Gogh paintings at The Met
Installation view of Van Gogh’s Cypresses, on view May 22-August 27, 2023 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photo by Richard Lee, courtesy of The Met

At the end of May, The Metropolitan Museum of Art debuted Van Gogh’s Cypresses, the first exhibit to focus primarily on the trees found in Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. The exhibit consists of roughly 40 works including Van Gogh’s Wheat Field with Cypresses and The Starry Night, all of which depict the whimsical fascination the artist had with the distinctive evergreens he found in Southern France. 

Secrets of the Met Museum Tour

Tour guide Patrick Bringley points to architectural features of the Met in front of a group of tourgoers.

The exhibition highlights the artist’s iconic portrayal of twisting trees with lives of their own in each painting. Van Gogh’s Cypresses will be on view in The Met until August 27th, providing backstories for each painting on display. You can explore the exhibit after joining one of Untapped New York’s Secrets of the Met walking tours, led by a former Met Museum security guard!