18. Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts and Design Posters

  • MTA poster
  • MTA Poster
  • MTA Poster

Over the past six months, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts and Design program has released a collection of six artworks on display in places around the public transportation system, with the goal of enhancing the commuting experience for its millions of daily riders. Three of the six pieces of artwork are art cards, which can be found inside subway cars, while the other three are larger posters that are installed at selected station platforms and mezzanines for up to 6 months. 

Underground NYC Subway Tour

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Each image portrayed in the six pieces is a colorful and whimsical transit-related scene, designed to boost the moods of commuters. Two examples of the art on display include The Ride by Laura Freeman, depicting an astronaut’s subway ride through space, and John W. Tomac’s Subway Series, creating a reimagination of the real series.