Outrageous ice cream desserts in NYC

It doesn’t matter if you’ve eaten a little sandwich or a Thanksgiving-level dinner: There’s always room for ice cream. It’s the sweet nightcap (or in extreme cases, breakfast) that we all crave. In New York, it’s not just the taste of ice cream that makes it such an appealing dessert. It’s the presentation. Few cities compare to the creative ice cream options Manhattan has to offer. We’ve put together a delicious arrangement of the 10 most outrageous ice cream shops in NYC, all of which specialize in something unique. Whether it’s boba-inspired flavors, flower-shaped scoops, or cake slice-sized toppings, these desserts are sure to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings and look picture-perfect!

1. Soft Swerve

Soft Swerve ice cream cones
Image Courtesy of Soft Swerve

Soft serve cones are a comfort food. Soft Swerve is an adventure. There are few ice cream shops that are able to put so many rare toppings on one small-sized colorful cone, but to Soft Swerve in Chinatown, it’s second nature. If their baby blue and white color scheme isn’t enough for your grid, their product will certainly satisfy. A one-cone post can display a concoction of Mochi, marshmallows, or cotton candy toppings with any type of drizzle and dip the shop has to offer.

Among the most vibrant and photogenic flavors for the feed are Thai Tea, Frozen Hot Chocolate, and Ube Purple Yam. Before you retreat from the uncommon combination of a vegetable and ice cream, don’t let the Yam name fool you. Their specialty flavor has all the sweet vanilla-like taste of a purple yam combined with a deep-toned lavender color. Whether you want a simple cup or a complicated cone, Soft Swerve guarantees a consistently beautiful swirl. You can find Soft Swerve locations in the Lower East Side, Kips Bay, Flushing, Chinatown and Brooklyn (coming soon).