From Greek diners serving bottomless coffee in the forever classic Anthora to-go cups to $10 latte’s, coffee is a staple in New York City. This is certainly nothing new — coffee culture goes way back. In the late 17th century, women throughout the city were often found roasting coffee beans in their homes, filling the air with blackened smoke. Later, in the middle of the 19th century, New Yorker Jabez Burns would invent a sample roaster, allowing for big batches of coffee beans to be roasted for use by the masses. Gillies Coffee Company, the country’s oldest coffee merchant, would get its start in 1840 on Washington Street in lower Manhattan, and America’s first espresso machine, built-in 1902, can be found in one of the best Greenwich Village coffee shops, Caffè Reggio.

Sample sips from the 5 best coffee shops in Greenwich Village on our upcoming coffee tasting and tour!

Greenwich Village Coffee Tour & Tasting

Coffee sacks Inside Porto Rico Importing Company

1. McNulty’s Tea and Coffee Co.

  • McNulty's Greenwich Village coffee shop
  • Coffee scale and coffee beans in containers inside McNulty's

Since 1895, McNulty’s Tea and Coffee Co. has served members of the Greenwich Village neighborhood. With dark hardwood floors and burlap sacks scattered throughout, McNulty’s resembles an old supply store more than it does a coffee shop. Regardless, the store’s selection of exotic coffee and teas transport customers to faraway lands across the globe. Known for its affordable prices, this shop provides multiple offerings from oolong and herbal teas to Rwandan Coopac and Uganda Bugisu coffee blends. Much of the shop’s tea scales and chests date back to its opening, giving customers a chance to travel back in time. When visiting McNulty’s in person be sure to also check out their tea-steeping essentials and coffee brewing kits.