22. Creedmoor Psychiatric Center

Creedmoor psychiatric center

Although part of the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center remains operational, a relic of its occasionally nasty past remains. Building 25 was once a center for the mentally ill, a part of the Brooklyn State Hospital, and one of the hundreds of Farm Colonies that were meant to house and rehabilitate patients. Rehabilitation was hardly what occurred, however. There are stories of abuse and neglect surrounding all of Building 25 and, in 1984, a patient was struck in the throat by a staff member and died, leading to the shutdown of the facility.

The building now lies vacant, a crumbling reminder of the facility that it used to house. The floors are still covered in toys and the walls, and the murals that cover them are peeling away. Perhaps strangest of all, however, is the pigeon infestation that has led Creedmoor to have one of the largest guano accumulations in the United States.