3. The Secret Train Platform Under the Waldorf-Astoria

Track 61 train car

The now-barren subterranean space once served as a means to transport the Waldorf-Astoria‘s more famous guests discreetly, including supposedly General Pershing and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It also supposedly served as an underground party space for Andy Warhol in 1965.

Today, the platform serves little purpose and is restricted to any passenger service and blocked from visitation. However, you can catch a glimpse of the site if you look to the right while leaving Grand Central. Like the secret subway station below City Hall, the Waldorf-Astoria’s underground platform is one of the many examples of New York City’s earlier subway systems whose designs are now deemed obsolete, but have entered the lore of the city’s abandoned places. The subway car pictured above has since been removed and transferred to the Danbury Railway Museum. We went out to visit the car and bust some myths about it, read our story here!