18. Marymount College

Fordham University made the decision to shut the school Marymount College.

Marymount College in Tarrytown was a women’s college that eventually became part of Fordham University. The school was open for exactly 100 years, from 1907 to 2007. Johanna Butler, who was born in Ireland, founded the college after her cousin James donated land near Tarrytown. The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary originally created the school as a girls’ boarding school, though by 1918, it offered two-year degrees, followed by four-year degrees in 1924. Marymount College was also the first women’s college in the nation to offer study abroad opportunities.

The school survived the coeducation movement of the 1970s, though, by 2000, the college agreed to consolidate into Fordham. Five years later, Fordham made the decision to shut the school, which went into effect two years later. The campus was later sold to EF Education, prompting backlash from former faculty and alumni who viewed Fordham’s decision as a real estate grab.

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