10. Radiant Site at 34th Street-Herald Square Station

Radiant subway art

The glimmering gold tiles of this gold wall may seem like a simple design choice for the station, but its backstory is fascinating. In 1991, artist Michele Oka Doner was given creative freedom to transform this 165-foot-long wall of dead space. Perplexed as to what she could make of it, she thought about the thousands of people coming and going at the station. The low ceiling and long walls create a dark atmosphere, and so her idea was to bring brightness underground. Using 11,000 tiles painted in varying degrees of gold, Oka Doner created a horizon at the 34th Street-Herald Square Station.

Underground Art in the Subway Tour

Roy Lichtenstein art tin the Times Square Subway

Next time you’re making your morning or afternoon commute, take a second to look around at the beams and tracks around you; you may find your new favorite art piece!

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