9. Hook (Archean Reach), Line (Sea House), and Sinker (Mined Swell) at Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center Station

This three-piece art installation is spread throughout Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station. Artist George Trakas had a specific idea of how to experience it. Taking the D train from Bleecker Street to the Atlantic Avenue stop will prepare the viewer for the narrative of movement that informs the sculpture. Hook is the granite stonework installed along the curved passageway that leads from the Pacific Street entrance to the tracks blow. The wave-shaped granite work on the wall emphasizes the floor’s rolling movement throughout the station. Line is the interior vertical space within the original station kiosk from 1908. It is transformed into a symbolic skylight that houses a giant steel sculptor reminiscent of a boat. Sinker is the name of the incline made out of granite blocks, following the stairs and platforms of the station. This piece was the perfect opportunity for a collaboration between artist and architect, unifying the passageways and stairways of the station to create a coherent space.