5. Untitled between Broadway and 7th Avenues

Sound installation in Times Square

This above-ground subway art piece was created in 1977 by percussionist, artist, and “sound sculptor” Max Neuhaus. Despite its very public location in the heart of Times Square, you might not realize it’s anything more than your average subway grate until you stand above it.

Neuhaus constructed homemade electronic sound generators which are installed inside the steam escape shaft below the grate on the sidewalk between Broadway and 7th along with a loudspeaker. While powering the work was troublesome due to the high voltage, Neuhaus was committed to making sure his creation could run. The piece functioned from 1977 to the early 90s, with gallery owner Christine Burgin set on bringing the installation back in 2002. It was soon relaunched with a higher volume to combat the increased noise in the area. Walk across it next time you’re in the area for a unique sonic experience!