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Rue de Rome: A Luthier and Instrument Row in Paris

I recently needed to rent a cello to play with the Brooklyn-based band, Laura Stevenson and the Cans on their European tour. Music stores tend to cluster together in cities. A Googlemap search of "luthier" in Paris shows just how many there are, completely overlapping on the map.

Inside the La Grande Mosquée of Paris

You might recognize this mosque from the film Paris Je t’aime. A Parisian teenager, Franà§ois, develops a crush on a girl and waits for her outside a mosque. She sees him across the road when she opens the large entrance doors at the intersection of two streets.

Inside the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

I've walked and drove past the Arc de Triomphe countless times, fearing for my life while traversing the roundabout by motorcycle. On June 18th, I took the walk up the famous arch, coincidentally on the 70th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle's BBC radio appeal marking the founding act of French resistance against the Nazi regime.


Not many metropolitan cities can boast a vineyard, but it seems only fitting that one exists on the bucolic hills of Montmartre. The area was once covered with vineyards, but like the urbanization of all cities, real estate and other forces transformed agricultural land into residential property.
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The W Train Funeral/Protest

The W train will die on the night of June 25th, just short of its 9th birthday. To memorialize its passing, join some local organizations on the last car of the W train at Times Square Station at 7:30pm for the W train funeral, ending at Astoria Blvd Station for food and drinks at Astoria's Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden.
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The Empire Diner: Post-Closing

Untapped New York took a trip to the Empire Diner, a month after it closed. Brooklyn-based writer Amanda Chatel and our photographer for this post reports that it looked "sad and desolate. The boarded up windows made it feel cold and lonely. The liveliness and energy was gone."

The Passage du Prado in Paris

The Passage du Prado is unlike any other arcade in Paris. It’s not perfect, not museumified and it’s not trying to recreate the ambience of another century. It’s grungy, a little run-down and filled with restaurants and shops.
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