Inside the United Artists Theater, Detroit

The United Artists Theatre was designed by Charles Howard Crane and opened in 1928. The interior of the theater was sumptuously decorated in Spanish Gothic style, with intricate ornamentation, a large chandelier, a grand staircase and a two-story circular lobby.

The Fox Theatre, Detroit

The original interior featured a six-floor lobby, a tri-level auditorium in homage to an Arabian tent, a massive elephant head, and was ornamented in “black marble, red leather, aluminum gilt, and 300,000 crystal jewels.” 
ArchitectureNew Orleans

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Amusement Park

Six Flags New Orleans has been abandoned since Katrina flooded the facilities in 2005. In November 2010, a YouTube "tour" of the site came out, showing an eerily vacant yet somehow still intact amusement park. Untapped correspondent Guy D. Choate documented his visit to the park.
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