At the eastern tip of Coney Island, the Marine and Academic Center (MAC) at Kingsborough Community College (KBCC) sits by the water, framed by a promenade. Its most outstanding feature is a lighthouse, previously known as the MAC Rotunda, which boasts ceiling to floor windows and decorative scaffolding, rigged together to form a standing space on top of the roof. It does not look like a typical lighthouse – not white, nor cylindrical. Yet, it functions like one and doubles as a 12,000-square-foot event facility, where classes, conferences and concerts are held. This year, it will also be the site of several intimate jazz performances, as part of the 2016-2017 season of On Stage at Kingsborough.



In a surprising post-debate moment last night, the much-maligned Robert Moses has landed a punch to the Trump campaign from the grave, over eighty years later. Here is what TIME reporter Zeke Miller tweeted last night:



Last night’s first 2016 Presidential debate featured many memorable moments (and painful ones) between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but for infrastructure geeks like us, the likening of LaGuardia Airport to one in a “Third World Country” again by politicians made us laugh. LaGuardia Airport is like the unfashionable, uncool kid in your class that gets bullied and/or targeted for a makeover when convenient by the cool kids. But LaGuardia Airport, named after Fiorello H. LaGuardia, one of New York City’s more beloved mayors, also has some cool history that began way before Vice President Joe Biden or Trump called it Third World.

Here are 10 secrets and fun facts you probably didn’t know about LaGuardia Airport:


Greenwich Street looking south in TriBeCa

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    We’ve only seen this in one place in New York City in all our explorations – in-ground garbage cans to hide household waste. We came across these on a walk around the Astoria and East Elmhurst waterfront area with photographer Nathan Kensinger, who was walking around a group of students from an architecture class that members of the Untapped Cities staff teaches at Columbia University.



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