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Today, Le Corbusier’s legacy conjures up both images of Modernist villas, like the iconic Villa Savoye, and large, idealistic housing projects. On a far different scale, and far lesser known is an apartment building Boulogne-Billancourt, just outside the west side of Paris designed and built by Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret between 1931 and 1934. The top two floors were Le Corbusier’s own apartment and studio in which he painted daily throughout his life. The apartment building is oriented east-west and overlooks on one side the Stade Jean Bouin (home of Parisian rugby team Stade Francais) and on the other side Roland Garros (the French Open, as it’s known around the world).


A few days ago, we reported on a vision that (thankfully) never came to be – high-density settlement on the islands of Jamaica Bay. A documentary that has traced the history and community of Jamaica Bay will premiere on March 17th at the Queens World Film Festival in New York – and is the only film being made that was actively shooting in Jamaica Bay before Hurricane Sandy, documenting both the environmental and human devastation to this natural resource. Saving Jamaica Baynarrated by Susan Sarandon and directed by David Sigal is more than an environmental film however, it tells the story of a community. 


New York Transit-Money Train-Revenue Room-370 Jay Street-Transit Museum-Secret lIfe of 370 Jay Street-NYC-004The New York Transit Money Train. Photo by Patrick Cashin / MTA New York City Transit

You know about armored trucks, but what about an armored subway? From 1951 to 2006, the New York City transit system ran an armored train that moved all the subway and bus fares collected to a secret room at 370 Jay Street in Brooklyn, the subject of the exhibit at the New York Transit Museum The Secret Life of 370 Jay Street.” A description in the exhibit describes that “most Money Trains were staffed by 12 collecting agents and one supervisor, all armed and wearing body armor.”


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Smartphones have virtually become ubiquitous among New Yorkers these days, and there seems to be an app for pretty much everything. With so many options out there, here are 10 essential apps that will make life easier in New York City, from how to exit the most efficiently, getting virtually anything delivered, finding coffee +Wifi together, making hard to get restaurant reservations and more.  


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