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Standing on the 606, a new elevated park in Chicago, can be a bit disorienting.  In some locations it does not feel like one is in the middle of a city but instead in a world of its own where runners, bicyclists, and walkers extend off into the horizon. In fact, the 606 is in the city, specifically an area that exemplifies one of Chicago’s nicknames – the City of Neighborhoods.

The 606 opened on June 6, 2015 (appropriately enough 6/06).  Its centerpiece is the Bloomingdale Trail, a 2.7-mile long former freight rail line embankment that extends on an east-west alignment through several neighborhoods on the Northwest Side.


Hot Bread Kitchen-HBK Incubates-La Marqueta-NYCEDC-Untapped Cities-Behind the Scenes Tour-Harlem-NYC copy

The first stop on our Behind the Scenes NYC Tour of Harlem’s Incubators and Development Sites with NYCEDC last week was at Hot Bread Kitchen and HBK Incubates, located inside La Marqueta. When you think of workforce inequality, the artisanal food industry is probably not the first example that comes to mind. But Hot Bread Kitchen founder Jessamyn Rodriguez saw opportunity there for immigrant women to distinguish themselves, and started Hot Bread Kitchen first out of her own kitchen in 2009. The non-profit has grown to host not only the kitchen itself but HBK Incubates, which has been home to 45 start-up food companies owned by minority entrepreneurs.


Fred Leow horizontal-moving statue-Flickr-NYC-Untapped CitiesFred Lebow’s statue at its location near the New York City Marathon finish line. Image via Flickr user Diane Ezer

From the Statue of Liberty to Rockefeller Center’s Statue of Atlas, New York City is filled with sculptures to honor significant people, ideas and moments in history, some in surprising places. While these statues have fixed, often iconic locations, there is one lesser-known statue that moves once a year: a life-sized bronze figure of Fred Lebow, who founded the New York City Marathon in 1970. This year, it will make its annual “pilgrimage” on November 1st.


Rorschmap-James Birdle-Fun Maps-NYC-5Times Square

Fans of pschotherapy and urbanism maps, will get a trip out of this tool, as featured on 6sqft last week. With #Rorschmap, a project by James Birdle, you can enter any address in the world in the white box at the bottom of the page (though it defaults to London) and pull up that place rendered as a Rorschach test pattern.


Open House New York Weekend is right around the corner and if you’re as excited as we are, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are even more ways to get involved. We previously curated a list of 13 must-visit locations to see during OHNY that don’t require reservations, and now we’re showcasing what’s on tap for two special series that will be taking place during the weekend.

As part of the The Final Mile, factories part of the Made in NYC network will open its doors on Friday October 16th (the day before OHNY Weekend) for “Food Factory Friday and Production Spaces.” Then on the 17th and 18th, select urban farms and food business incubators will be hosting open houses. These tours provide you with an inside look at the businesses’ unique spatial needs and their innovative farming techniques within the city’s dense urban fabric.

OHNY is also partnering with the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY) to highlight some of New York City’s recent engineering feats. During “Engineering New York,” tours will give an insightful look at new buildings from the perspective of the structural engineers who helped transform them from an idea to a reality. All reservations begin tomorrow at 11am.