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As technology has expanded to where everyone holds a small computer in their hands, so has the scope of war. War is no longer between armies carrying various weapons, war is now online. Soldiers are no longer defined by camouflage or nation’s flag, but can be anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. Hackers, for the most part, have not been shown realistically on TV. They type at speeds that would make Road Runner catch whiplash and their skills are treated more like magic, because audiences aren’t expected to understand hacker culture. Sam Esmail, creator of the new USA cyber-drama Mr. Robot set in NYC knows that, so he wanted to make something more authentic. In doing so, he has help craft of the best shows of the year. With the seasons first half past us, we present 10 locations featured in Mr. Robot. (more…)

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At the 2015 New York City Dîner en Blanc this year, 5000 guests in white took over Pier 26 in Hudson River Park. Despite the fact that the location was geographically close to that of last year, in Nelson A. Rockefeller Park, there’s one very unique fact, as pointed out by Aymeric Pasquier, founder of Dîner en Blanc International: this was the very last event held on the empty Pier 26, before it’s converted into a mixed-use recreational facility.


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Some works of art take a few looks to truly understand. Other works of art take a few looks to simply believe. The latter is the case for most pieces by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich, whose illusory installation projects are baffling even when they’re right in front of you. Take a former project of his, Bâtiment: a building drawn to scale right on the ground, allowing visitors to stage photos of themselves walking up its walls and dangling from its windows.

Bâtiment drew crowds to its location in the Cent Quatre cultural center of Paris. Given the former’s worldwide coverage, Erlich’s latest piece, a full-scale house hanging from the arm of an industrial crane in Karlsruhe, Germany, is sure to do the same. It is called Pulled by the Roots. You can probably see why.


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Every month, we take two groups of intrepid readers to spend an afternoon tracking down the Remnants of Penn Station, of which there are numerous if you know where to look. As such, we see the small changes that take place over time in the much maligned station, as retail institutions like Penn Books close due to rising rents, as the strip of pizza joints, TGIF and Häagen-Dazs shut down as the operators of the station push for an upgrade of retail, to mirror Grand Central Terminal‘s shopping revolution. But of note recently is a non business-related change that has happened. A Maya Lin sculpture that even frequent visitors to Penn Station never notice has gotten an upgrade, and it’s an essential one.


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It is said that mustard is the second most used spice in the United States today, brought here by immigrants from all over the world and sold in tins and glass jars. For National Mustard Day on August 1st, we are staying close to home by honoring the old and the new companies that operate here in New York City, as well as around the country.