04/23/14 4:00pm

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New York City

04/23/14 2:00pm

Wyndcliffe-Rhineback-Abandoned-Mansion-Hudson River-NYCImage via Flickr by Joseph

This article is from our partner, Urban Ghosts, a website on hidden history and offbeat travel. 

The abandoned mansion known as Wyndcliffe stands on the eastern bank of the Hudson River near Rhinebeck, New York. Built in 1853 at a time when new rail links made it possible for wealthy merchants and bankers to work in the city but live in the countryside, this Norman-style brick-built villa originally called Rhinecliff and set amid 80 acres of land, was designed by George Veitch with construction led by John Byrd.


04/23/14 12:00pm

Yonkers Southwest-Front Lines-Abandoned-Homelessness-Povery-NYC-2

THE FRONT LINES is a nonfiction assemblage of stories and photos detailing modern-day poverty and homelessness in southwest Yonkers, New York by MFA Candidate Rachel McCain. A police “ride-along” of gritty southwest Yonkers provides one of the threads in a collection of my encounters with homeless people, nonprofit employees, government officials, residents and others who work, live, support and represent the city. 

Yonkers is hardened, like a person who has seen too much too soon. Tales of homicide and drugs, racism and prostitution are woven into the fabric of the City of Hills. It is the old street walker of 1980s Larkin Plaza, sagging and worn from turning too many tricks. It’s the 1990s white resident living on the city’s residential east side, who is vehemently against building affordable housing in his or her neighborhood, despite growing up in Yonkers’ southwest. Conversely, it is the black or Hispanic resident living in the southwest, anxious and scared about his or her move to Yonkers’ east side, in 1995.


04/23/14 10:00am

The Maritime works of John Stobart grace the walls of the Parlor floor

It appears that art is alive and well at The Salmagundi Club, designated a Historical Landmark in 1969 and on the National Register of Historic Places (1975). When we last brought you to The Salmagundi Club, they were going through a major renovation and we were thrilled to get a chance to glimpse behind the walls.

Now that the renovation is complete, we thought we would go back and take a look at the finished project. As it turned out, it was a very busy day for them. They were moving their entire permanent collection back into the building.  (more…)

04/23/14 9:00am

Cat Cafe_Norie Cat Korea_NYC_Untapped Cities_Dana TerNorie Cat Café in Cheonan, South Korea

Unless you are on a social media hiatus, living under a rock without 3G, or just really dislike cats, you’ve probably heard from a little birdie that a pop-up cat café is opening tomorrow, April 24th in New York City on 168 Bowery. Hosted by cat food company Purina One, the pop-up cat café will run until Sunday, April 27th. During this time, cat lovers are invited to sit down and sip coffee with feline companions. And it’s all for a good cause because these adorable kitties, provided by the North Shore Animal League, are up for adoption. Furthermore, animal experts at the café will be giving lectures on cat health and cat-friendly interior design for those seeking to adopt the precious fur balls.


04/22/14 4:30pm

New York State Pavilion-Abandoned-Interior-NYC Parks-Flushing Meadow Corona Park-1964 World Fair-Queens-NYC-023

We’re going to venture a guess that even the NYC Parks Department was unprepared for the sheer number of people excited to catch a glimpse of the long-closed, and deteriorating New York Pavilion from the 1964 World’s Fair today. While press got early access (the only time we gladly relished the opportunity), the public lines stretched around the pavilion, across the elevated walkway over Grand Central to the Queens Zoo.

Thus far, we’ve been privy to Abandoned NYC’s haunting photos of the Philip Johnson structure, vintage photos that brought us back to the future, and a great mash-up of then & now images. Stepping into the space today, we were reminded of the more mundane things that have been left behind: signage reproduced from the time when it was a very active space for a short period of time.