In 1964, a father and son were renovating a former speakeasy in the East Village into a theater when they came across two unopened safes in the basement. The speakeasy had been sold eagerly for a very cheap price and the entertainment business then was closely linked to mobsters. To touch their belongings meant death. Opening it with the former owner, $2 million dollars were found inside. What happened next has shaped the lives and the theater for the next sixty years.

Join us for a tour and cocktail at this former Prohibition speakeasy on Saturday, May 9th at 3pm, which includes a guided walk through of the Museum of the American Gangster. You’ll see the original safes that were discovered, the former escape routes for the mafia, and more. There are only a few tickets left, so grab them now!

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Today’s U.S. Congress may be a bunch of hot-aired do-nothings, but the first session conducted under the U.S. Constitution shows how much Congress is capable of getting done. On March 4, 1789, the House of Representatives met for the first time at Federal Hall in New York City, under the leadership of Speaker Frederick Muhlenberg (PA). The first Congress didn’t get off to the best start either–due to lack of quorum, it disbanded for the day without conducting any business. Members faced transportation woes making the trek to New York, and the House did not achieve its minimum quorum until April 1.


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One of New York City’s most beloved buildings is the Flatiron Building. Though never one of the tallest buildings in the city, it was nonetheless revolutionary in its own way due to its construction method. Here are some fun facts not commonly known about the iconic building.


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Somehow we missed this one. Thrillist had a Fun Map of most popular dog breeds by neighborhood recently, based on rankings from the American Kennel Club. Biggest discovery: French Bulldogs, which seem everywhere, are particularly prevalent in New York City, but not in the rest of the country, where it didn’t even make the top 5. But here in NYC, the top 5 breeds are:


Hey Arnold - Untapped Cities-001Hey Arnold!, A Popular 90s Cartoon. Image via Youtube

Any individual born in the 1990s will tell you that a great portion of their childhood was spent with their eyes glued to some of the decade’s finest cartoons. Coincidentally, New York City seemed to function as a silent character in a vast majority of them. Often re-purposed and re-imagined, animated versions of New York City were often minted with a vibrant sense of wonder, color, and childlike adventure for the younger generation. Here are four animated cartoons with NYC inspired settings: