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In New York City, most subway stations are only a few stories below ground (although some of course do go down further, as we’ve shown). In St. Petersburg’s subway, getting from the street to the trains can take up to five minutes. Or at least it does at Admiralteyskaya station, the deepest subway station in Russia and among the five deepest metro stations in the world.

With the typical platform lying 187 feet below ground, St. Petersburg boasts the deepest subway system in the world. Admiralteyskaya is 282 feet deep. For some perspective, this is about a fifth of the height of the Empire State Building. And it is almost a hundred feet lower than New York City’s deepest subway station.


Rex Moore-Fordham Manor-Bronx-Untapped Cities-Peggy GavanA St. Bernard named Rex Moore has been gracing the entrance to 2500 University Avenue in the Fordham Manor neighborhood of the Bronx since 1922.

Ever since the Manhattan apartment boom of the late 1800s, New York City architects and builders have been assigning names to apartment buildings. Many apartment names reflect their surroundings or neighborhoods, while others, such as The Dakota, were inspired by favorite places. The Rex Moore, a five-story brick apartment building on the southeast corner of University Avenue and West 190th Street in the Fordham Manor neighborhood of the Bronx, may be the only apartment building in New York City named for a dog (but let us know if you know of others!)


With a feature on NBC, the off-Broadway play The Eternal Space has shown that New Yorkers today do care about the past, about preservation, and very specifically about the original Pennsylvania Station. The play, which closes at the Lion Theatre on 42nd Street this weekend, imagines an untold story between a construction worker, at first reluctantly documenting the demolition of the un-landmarked building in 1963, and a self-anointed preservationist – and what they discover they have in common. The set cleverly recreates the original Penn Station using projection, showing many never before published photographs by Norman McGrath, Aaron Rose, Peter Moore, Ron Ziel, and Alexander Hatos.

This Friday’s performance will be followed by a 30-minute panel discussion with Justin River, the playwright, photographer Norman McGrath, and the director of the Eternal Space, moderated by Michelle Young, the founder of Untapped Cities.

There is a special discounted offer from The Eternal Space to Untapped Cities readers, for 20% off tickets, which will be good for any performance this week. Alternatively, you can take also combine a ticket with our popular tour of the Remnants of Penn Station by purchasing below. You’ll get the same 20% discount on the play and we’ll follow up with an email to book your play tickets:

See more images of the play here and read about the Top 10 Secrets of the Original Penn Station.

Radiant Presence World Aids Day Untapped Cities AFineLyneShan Kelley, “With Curators Like These, Who Needs A Cure,” 2015

World AIDS Day is held on December 1 worldwide each year. This is a day when people from all around the globe show support for those living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died. We celebrate the progress that has been made in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and we look to expand access to prevention, treatment and care services. There are many events scheduled for Worlds AIDS Day today in New York City. We have put a list together of a few events in keeping with this year’s theme, “The Time To Act Is Now.” We invite you to add your events under comments.


Jessica Jones Walking

Jessica Jones, the second Netflix series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, premiered on the streaming service a few weeks ago to great acclaim. Like Daredevil, the first Marvel Netflix series, whose film locations we covered earlier this year, Jessica Jones takes place in New York City. After devouring all 13 episodes and researching everything from where Jessica lives, including her favorite neighborhood bar, we picked out our favorite NYC film locations for Marvel’s Jessica Jones.