Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard, looking north from 112th Street

Seventh Avenue in Harlem was officially renamed Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard in 1974, though the old name is still widely used. In fact, this street has had an identity crisis ever since it was separated from the lower part of Seventh Avenue by the creation of Central Park in 1853.

In the 1811 Commissioners’ Plan, Seventh Avenue extended from Greenwich Village to 155th Street. With Central Park in place, the section above 110th Street was cut off from the lower part by 51 blocks.


Brooilyn Museum Coney Island Untapped Cities AFineLyneThe Hug: Closed Eyes and Smith, 1982. Photo via brooklynmuseum.org

Our December curation of installations and urban exhibits is filled with cool and quirky, beautiful, delicious and heart-warming installations all around New York City. From the world’s most expensive dollhouse to an exhibition about affordable housing, a new historical exhibit about Coney Island, and a photography exhibit about Frank Sinatra, here are 15 installations and events not to miss:


prague-city-aerial view-winter-main-image

Prague is a stunning city with a rich artistic history, in addition to many off-beat finds to discover. The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague has stunning buildings and amazing artwork which visitors should be sure to check out. Here are 5 locations not to miss:


Venice Opera House-teatro-la-fenice-italy

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This week is jam packed with great Untapped-oriented events, on a few select days that may make it hard to choose. We’re co-sponsoring an event at the Museum of the City of New York and many holiday events at historical societies.

This Month’s Featured Exhibit:

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Also check out Affordable Housing: A New York Legacy


New York Compost-Newspaper Box-Debbie Ullman-6

New York Compost, a project by designer Debbie Ullman,  a former art director at the New York Daily News takes those ubiquitous but underutilized newspaper boxes you see on the sidewalks of New York City and turns them into clever, guerrilla composting sites. A composting proponent, Ullman uses decommissioned newspaper boxes to collect compost to make the experience fun, memorable, and transformative.