Nue York Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen-Erica Simone-Photography-NYCNue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen by Erica Simone

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Central Park Be In-1967-Hippies-NYC
The hippies may have been a small subsection of the 1960s counterculture, but they had a pretty awesome run. On March 26, 1967, over 10,000 congregated in Central Park for an Easter Sunday “Be In.” The event, which defies obvious description, was the first of many such events in New York City during what became famously known as the “Summer of Love.”


Lamb-Sheep-Pet NYC--Lower East Side-Dudleys Cafe-Irving Farm Coffee Roasters-NYC

We were just sitting here, working out of Irving Farm Coffee Roasters in the Lower East Side when a lamb came running by. If you weren’t paying attention, it might seem like a furry dog running alongside a jogger, peering into the local boutique, and sitting on the lap of  a happy lady at Dudley’s Cafe. This particular lamb made the news earlier this month when the NY Post wrote about the lamb’s visit to restaurant Five Leaves in Greenpoint. Recently its been making its mark downtown.


14Paradise Pool

One of America’s most beautiful displays of Art Deco hotel architecture soars from the Phoenician desert, attracting architecture enthusiasts, celebrities and sun worshippers for the past 85 years. The Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Biltmore Hotel has recently undergone an architectural revitalization, bringing its grand architecture and Hollywood legacy back to life. Uniquely, the Arizona Biltmore features Art Deco architecture built using indigenous materials and integrated into the Arizona desert.


Highway on Rooftops NYC-Manhattan-Popular Science-1927

In July 1927, Popular Science profiled a proposal for a sixteen mile elevated highway that would span the rooftops of a Manhattan avenue. This futuristic plan came from the mind of John K. Hencken, a New York based engineer, and was allegedly “approved by a number of eminent engineers and city planners.” The plan called for a series of uniform twelve-story buildings extending from the Battery Park to Yonkers.


5 Bryant Park-Mural-1950s-David Dunlap-111 West 40th Street-Max Spivak-NYCPhotos via David W. Dunlap

As far as developers go, the ones at 5 Bryant Park have been doing some interesting things since the get go. Capitalizing on the street art movement in New York City, they permitted “Art Battles” in the unfinished lobby in 2013. Yesterday, The New York Times reported that a large 1950s-era glass mosaic mural by Max Spivak had been uncovered behind metal panels, added during a previous modernization of the lobby. But within hours of the article publication, the mural was covered by a blue screen.