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Kings Park Abandoned NYC Long Island-NYC-Untapped CIties-Will Ellis
The interior of the abandoned Long Island Kings Park Psychiatric Center, founded in 1885. Image via Abandoned NYC by Will Ellis

As you may know from last year’s Abandoned NYC video on Long Island’s own Kings Park Psychiatric Center, the words ‘abandoned psychiatric hospital,’ usually conjure up visions of frontal lobotomies, electroshock therapy, and other archaic treatments for mental illness. But underneath the pure shock value that commands most of our attention was a real cultural dilemma, and an underrepresented branch of American history that deserves a proper light.

This is the goal of filmmaker Mark Burkhalter and the producers of Project Senium, whose two films cover the grounds of Kings Park, a former state-run psychiatric hospital whose occupancy once exceeded 9,000 patients in 1954 but was closed for good and abandoned in 1996. ‘Project Senium’ and Burkhalter’s ‘Kings Park: The Abandoned City’ delve deep into a few of its over 100 buildings and explore its shrouded past.


We received two sound clips from an anonymous source, rather mysteriously recently, in response to our recent photo expedition down in the construction of the Second Avenue Subway. All it said was that the attached sound files were the “loaded” train announcements for two stations stops along Phase I, the rerouting of the Q train from 63rd Street to 96th Street. Above, we’ve made a quick video mixing the sound clips and some our Second Avenue Subway photographs.


Broadband Coverage Place I Live Fun Maps-NYC-Untapped CitiesOne map available from Place I Live New York depicting the broadband coverage of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and parts of Staten Island. Image via placeilive.com

How many times have you found yourself wondering exactly how the five boroughs and the countless New York City neighborhoods stack up in terms of marital status or preferred home-heating method? If the answer to that question is anything other than ‘never,’ you’ll find something worthwhile at placeilive.com, a mapping website that offers a visualization of all of New York City based on concentrations of just about every social identifier imaginable.


Jerkface-Alex Diaz-Queen Andrea-RRobots-Wane-Indie-Cope 2-Cern-Crycle-Graffiti-Street Art-Untapped CitiesJerkface, Alexis Diaz, The 191 Beautification Project, Crycle & Cern

In our monthly showcase, Untapped Cities Street Art Columnist Christopher Inoa highlights the top five New York City graffiti and street art pieces found on the city’s walls, rooftops and tunnels. 

It’s now that time of year where we make the switch to ice coffee and any piece of clothing that goes below the knee, or elbow is in the back of the closet. Our music playlists are filled with music that make us want to dance. And it’s also a good time as any to go out and find all the new art that has popped up around the city. Nostalgia, color, and a strong attention to detail has gone into the pieces highlighted this month. If this is a preview of the work to come in the summer months, we’re excited. Here are the top five pieces of May 2015.  (more…)

Ideas City-The Bowery-.New Museum-NYC

Founded by the New Museum and now in its third edition of the biennial, Ideas City open its doors today, May 28th, with this years theme “The Invisible City.” Through May 30th, the Ideas City Festival will host conferences, debates, workshops, performances and architectural and artistic interventions.  In keeping with the theme, they will be exploring questions of transparency, surveillance, and citizenship in a quest for visibility in the city. The event launched this morning with a livestream of the festival, broadcasting the discussions from The Great Hall at Cooper Union.