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Inside Grand Central Terminal at Night by dark.cyanide

UntappedCities-InstagramRoundup-inside buildings-darkcyanide


Come see the Woolworth Building on our next tour

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Clet-NYC-Lower East Side-Staton Street

We’re quite excited to see that French street artist Clet Abraham has arrived in New York City. We previously covered his witty sign hacks in Europe. He’s done his first hack on a Do Not Enter sign on Staton Street in the Lower East Side. We’ll be watching his Instagram to see what’s next!

Clet Abraham-Street Art Paris-France-Stop SignIn Poitiers, France

In Montmartre, Paris

Check out the awesome work he’s done elsewhere

If you’re a New Yorker who has ever complained about living far from the subway, we have news that will hopefully reassure you: there is someone who lives farther from a subway stop than you do. That is, of course, unless you’re that person. I Quant NY has quantifiably found the apartment farthest from a subway line in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. To obtain this data, the MTA Subway Station Entrance data set was combined with information on plots of land in NYC from PLUTO, an open data source also recently utilized in this fun map of building footprints in New York City. The distance from each lot to the nearest subway station was then found and measured against the rest.

apartments-farthest-from-subway-manhattan-untappedImage via Tumblr: I Quant NY


Bellevue Hospital Ambulance-1895-Vintage Photograph-NY-Byron Collection-MCNY-NYTimes StoreHorse-drawn ambulance at Bellevue Hospital in 1895. Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

As many of you know, the first patient with Ebola in New York City is now quarantined at Bellevue Hospital on the east side of Manhattan. We thought we would look at vintage images of the fascinating complex, which has been around since 1736. Appropriately, it was actually founded as a quarantine hospital and is the oldest public hospital in the United States.


Eugene de Salignac-Painters on a Bridge-Brooklyn Bridge-NYC

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