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The historic La Marqueta in East Harlem has a unique art installation gracing the ceiling of their outdoor space known as Vendy Plaza, through its cultural arm, La MarquetaRetoña. More than sixty artists participated in hand-painting para-sol umbrellas from Taipei, Taiwan, using them as their canvas. The installation, “Parasol Expo” creates a colorful ceiling for the food vendors, beer garden, salsa dancing, food market and live music that occupy the space every weekend.


When people think of the New York City underground, they usually think of the vast subway system, or maybe the sewers, and water tunnels buried deep in the bedrock. Far lesser known are the obscure tunnels – often running from building to building, or through lesser documented parts of the city. Here’s a very unique look at 7 such locations that will make you question where else there might be hidden in subterranean passageways.


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In “Juicy” when the Notorious B.I.G. says “fuck all y’all hoes,” no one expects to see an ancient artifact of a hoe (the farming kind). But Regina Flores Mit, a graduate student at Parsons design and technology program is building an exciting bridge between the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the songs of the world’s most famous rappers. Her new project, The HipHop Project (located at the URL rappersdelight.nyc), takes certain words from various rap sounds with lyrics sourced from Genius and pairs them with famous artwork from the around the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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Released in September, the book NYC RIP features 156 photographs by Miron Zownir of New York City in the gritty 1980s, focusing a large part on the sex workers along the West Side “Sex Piers” and former nudist area, gay parties before the AIDS crisis, the desperation along the Bowery, and subcultures that were once a fixture on city streets. Numerous NSFW images are published on Dazed Digital (h/t Vanishing NY) and show what is described as his “uncompromising” eye – images that will certainly make those only familiar with the more sanitized New York flinch. While the focus is on human subjects, the environment is key to the photographs which explains why Zownir has been compared to Weegee.


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Last night, the Museum of the City of New York hosted the discussion of historian Eric Foner’s new groundbreaking book, Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground RailroadThe discussion was led by Martha Hodes, another leading historian in the field of 19th century America and slavery.

Foner started the conversation by comparing the process of writing about the Underground Railroad, and especially New York City’s involvement, to trying to complete “a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces missing.” He explained that historians often formulate a question about a particular subject and then find the documents needed to answer that question. His experience with Gateway to Freedom was unique in that he found a document and then started asking questions.