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Bushwick Aberdeen- Anna Brown-Untapped Cities

One of the most amazing things about New York City is its subway system, with 468 stations currently in operation. In the past, Untapped Cities has covered how New Yorkers have creatively occupied these spaces to provide unexpected services such as getting a hair cut,  or having keys made.

This week, we were excited to discover the Bushwick Ave-Aberdeen Street stop off the L train. Usually, small businesses house their services within the subway station. At this stop, the subway entrance itself is housed between two used car dealerships–Zaki’s Auto Land and Dawan Motors LLC. Digging into the history, the station was built in 1928, while the two car dealerships opened after.


Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

Standards-manual-nyc-MTA-untappedImage via Pentagram

Ever wonder about the NYC’s subway signage? Most New Yorkers who use the subway daily have probably never heard of the design firm Unimark. In 1970, designers Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda of Unimark created a language not only for how people would read subway signs, but also the way people would use the NYC subway for the next 44 years. The published document was a 13″ x 13″ Standards Manual held together in a 3-ring binder. And now, Pentagram is hoping to bring it back via a Kickstarter campaign that goes until October 8th. It’s been so popular that they have raised more than 5x the $108,000 goal so far.


This article was also written in part by Samantha Sokol


If you thought gardening was purely a white-fence suburban hobby, think again. These gardens scattered through Manhattan feature a diverse range of plants and flowers — one of them even has a pond! Check them out here. (more…)

Worlds Fair 1964 NY State Pavillion Tent of Tomorrow-Queens-Flusing Meadows Corona Park-NYCImage via Matthew Silva

And here we present our curated picks for events in NYC, ranging from Oyster Week to Chashama’s tour of the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal. Check them out!

Monday, September 15th:

DelicaSEAS was created to give seafood aficionados a sampling of the diversity of the more exotic seafoods and the different ways to prepare them. Oysters, caviar, crudo, conch, uni and more will be paired with wine or champagne at the food fest. DelicaSEAS is part of Oyster Week, which ends on 28th of September. (more…)

Sawing off Manhattan-Lozier-Hoax-Kingsbridge-Bronx-NYCArticle via Montreal Gazette, 1956

As the water levels of the oceans worldwide continue to rise, and natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy pull scientific conjecture into a tangible reality for New Yorkers, it might feel as though the island of Manhattan is rapidly sinking into the harbor. This fear, as it turns out, is nothing new to it’s inhabitants.

During the spring of 1824 as legend would have it, a now infamous (possibly fictitious) local character, a former shipbuilder by the name of Lozierapparently an early and outspoken proponent of global warming—took it upon himself to save the Island from meeting its fate at the bottom of the Hudson River. Due to the rapid and heavy industrial construction being developed near the Battery, Lozier claimed, the southern part of Manhattan was sinking.

The plan? Saw off the Island.