Times Square Toshiba-Bond-Sign-1980s-Municipal Archives-NYC

In 1939, the City began using photography to appraise building values for tax purposes. As a result, 750,000 pictures were taken of every building in the five boroughs. In the 1980s the pictures were updated, resulting in a collection of 900,000 photos. The images from the 1940s database can be accessed via the Municipal Archives reference room at 31 Chambers Street, but the 1980s collection has been digitized and made available online. Click here for instructions on how to search for a specific building and how to order a print of it.


Marathon-Untapped Cities-Bronx-Van Cortland-NYC-HistoryNYC Marathon Runners (Image via NYC Parks)

This Sunday, the TCS New York City Marathon will once again feature over 40,000 runners, along with a countless number of Gatorade cups, filling the 26.2 mile route across all of the cities boroughs. The marathon is the largest in the country, with thousands of spectators along the marathon route, and millions of people watching at home. The event is one of the biggest in NYC, with a storied history we covered and updated for this year’s marathon. However, the historical relationship between NYC  and marathons has its origins long before the current incarnation started in 1970. Beginning in the early 1900s, marathons have been events that have captured the attention of New Yorkers. For a look back, we present a timeline of the major marathons held in NYC before the birth of the current NYC Marathon.


5 Pointz-Demolition-Logo-Video-Long Island City-Hans von Rittern-NYCScreenshot from video by Hans von Ritter

If you’ve been planning to stop by 5Pointz before it fully comes down, you should do so soon. Since our last photographs inside the demolition on October 13th, a significant portion of the main building has come down. Photographer Hans von Rittern captured a phone video of Meres One’s iconic 5Pointz logo come crashing down on Tuesday by a clumsy yet effective crane. Jump to minute 4 for the real damage.


Day of the Dead skeletons in the Village Halloween Parade.

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fillmore-east-marquee-nyc-untappedFillmore East marquee in 1968. Image via Record Collector

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (GVSHP) has been commemorating locations in the Village with plaques to remind people of famous sites and introduce some that aren’t so well-known. On October 29th, the GVSHP will be celebrating the former Fillmore East with a historic plaque marking the concert hall that was at 2nd Avenue and 6th Street from 1968-1971. In celebration of the site, there will be performances by guitarist Lenny Kaye and founder of the Joshua Light Show, Joshua White. The event will take place at 105 Second Avenue, the concert hall’s former address, now an Apple Bank.


Woolworth Tower Residences - 31A terrace.jpg

The Woolworth Building has been in the news a lot recently, with the renderings revealed for the new condominiums that are going in, starting at $3.875 million and going up to $110 million for the 7-level penthouse. With our next one-hour tour of the off-limits Woolworth Building coming up on Saturday, November 8th (just a few tickets left!), we thought we would share with you what some lucky residents will get in the upcoming years. And if you can’t make November 8th, the last tour we’ll do this year will be on December 4th.