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Chez Lucienne 308 Lenox Avenue, just north of 125th Street

Chez Lucienne 308 Lenox Avenue, just north of 125th Street

It’s that time of year. Music in the parksfilms under the stars and lots of bar and restaurant crawls. Summer Sizzles on Lenox Avenue in Harlem is back for a second year next Tuesday with the $5 cocktail and appetizer special and an impressive lineup of restaurants.  So if you haven’t been, here’s your chance to try a dozen of them – all at once. This is our illustrated guide to what to see on the Summer Sizzles crawl in Harlem!


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pier84-roomrunner-hudson river-nyc-pier 84-riverrocks-qromagPhoto from Qromag

It’s easy to ignore the serenity of a summer day in New York City when you are constantly surrounded by sizzling asphalt and steaming dumpsters. But thankfully, the free concert series at Hudson River Park’s breezy Pier 84 gives New Yorkers a reason to cool off and soak in the summer vibes.

The name of the series is RiverRocks and this year’s lineup continues to deliver some of the most promising names in underground music. But music is not the only thing New Yorkers can look forward to enjoying at RiverRocks. Pier 84 is also the largest pier in the park which features, among other things, a water-play area, boat and bike rentals, a dog run, a water taxi, and plenty of room to bathe in the sun. Coupled with RiverRocks’ continuous program of free concerts, Pier 84 makes the perfect recipe for a relaxing summer evening in the city.


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Heart Headed Project-Charlotte Le Bon-Paris

While she may become more known for her life as a movie star soon, Charlotte Le Bon is an artist at heart, or should we say head? The name Charlotte Le Bon may not mean anything to Americans now, but in a few years time, she may be gracing every magazine cover and feature film poster from NYC to Paris. This French-Canadian former model is also a talented illustrator, photographer, comedian and actress, is gearing up to become one of the biggest stars on the international stage.

In the coming years she is set to star alongside Academy Award winner Helen Mirren, in the Steven Spielberg-produced The Hundred Foot Journey. She is also in this year’s biopic of French fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent and in the Robert Zemekis biopic of French high-wire artist Phillipe Petit, who famously walked between the Twin Towers.  She is not just adding major features to her resume, for the U.S art-house audience will be able to see Ms. Le Bon in Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo later this year.

It is astounding that this woman of many talents, even has the time to come up with and execute something like the Heart-Headed Project, a self-funded street art project.


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Seinfled-Jerry-George-Elaine-Kramer-NYC-Film Locations-Untapped Cities-NYCThe Seinfeld Cast: Kramer, Elaine, George & Jerry (Photo via Facebook)

On July 5th, 1989 NBC debuted a new pilot called The Seinfeld Chronicles. It starred NYC comedian Jerry Seinfeld and focused on his stand up and those everyday conversations and situations that make up modern life. 25 years later, the show that became known across the world as Seinfeld did more than net NBC an incredible amount of money, it helped change television forever. Known as “The Show About Nothing,”Seinfeld was anything but: it was about love, friendship, family, work, all the things that most New Yorker’s could live without most of the time.

While the interiors were shot mostly in California, Seinfeld is still the quintessential NYC show and used stock footage of NYC for exterior locations. The topics of conversations and the situations these four self-absorbed, needy and iconic characters go through are timeless. In celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary, we present ten of our favorite locations and moments of Seinfeld. (more…)

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paramus mini golf george washington bridge

The Paramus Mini Golf course is an untapped treasure located in Northern New Jersey, only about 10 miles from New York City. The course is located on the grounds of the Paramus Golf Course and is open daily. Its main draw, without a doubt, is its New Jersey themed greens. Well known New Jersey landmarks including the George Washington Bridge and the Jersey Shore are featured alongside local North Jersey spots like the Fritz Behnke Historical Museum and the Red Mill. (more…)