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IMG_2836Neko no Niwa Cafe in Singapore

If you are a self-proclaimed cat lover, you can now count Singapore as one of your must-visit destinations. As of July, the city-state currently houses two cat cafés: Neko no Niwa, which opened in December 2013, and The Cat Cafe, which opened its doors just a month ago. Cat cafés are abundant in countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, but the phenomenon has just recently gained a foothold in Singapore, in New York City, and Europe.


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Here is your weekly curated events guide.

Monday, July 28th

Head to Central Park to watch John Leguizamo perform “Ghetto Klown,” presented by SummerStage and Fania at 8 p.m. “Ghetto Klown” is Leguizamo’s fifth one-man play, which describes his personal and professional story. In his own words,  “Ghetto Klown” is all the things I say to my therapist and my manager, but would never want the general public to know…It’s like Wiki leaks but with no international manhunt. Yet.” You can find more information here. (more…)

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Staten Island Ferry-Cruising Up Hudson River-Film Shoot-Lost-NYC-001

Last week from the Untapped Cities HQ, we spotted the Staten Island Ferry cruising up (and down) the Hudson River. And we don’t mean downtown around the New York Harbor, close to its natural habitat. It first came into view at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal at 55th Street then continued on past Columbus Circle, West New York (in New Jersey) to the Upper West Side in the 70s before making a U-turn. Was it lost? Going on a joy ride hoping to escape the city?


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Here are our picks this week from our Untapped Cities Photo Pool. This week, we chose photos of places you don’t usually go with a theme of “the road less traveled. Remember, to have one of your photos entered in the running for a “best of” nod, just hashtag #untappedcities on Instagram or Twitter. Keep an eye on what contributors and readers are checking out by browsing the live feed.

Playmates Arch by Genna aka nothing_collapses

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New York




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Capitol Subway System-New Cars-Russell Senate Office Building-Architect of the Capitol
The enclosed train that runs between Dirksen and Hart. Image via Below the Capitol.

It’s obvious that urbanists have a fascination with the subterranean, whether of the macabre nature like the catacombs of the world, or of the abandoned, or simply being able to eat and drink below the city surface. Sometimes though, we fail to think of underground fascinations of the more mundane kind.

While the freemasons certainly played a role in the construction of Washington D.C., the persisting rumor that the street grid and other buildings are embedded with masonic code is likely myth. Nonetheless, it doesn’t feel surprising that networks of underground tunnels (and even a subway just for those on Capitol Hill) were built beneath the city. More unique than the existence of the tunnels is how they’re programmed. In Washington D.C., they’re like underground cities, with all the things you would need from the outside world, moved indoors. Hallways become streets, marked by the newspaper boxes you would normally find at your corner.

Here’s a roundup of some of the notable underground corridors beneath Capitol Hill: