Will Ellis Dead Horse Bay-Brooklyn-NYC

Back by popular demand, join photographer/urban explorer Will Ellis, author of Abandoned NYC and Untapped Cities columnist, on a walk through the weird side of New York history at Brooklyn’s Dead Horse Bay on Saturday, May 2nd. Tales of buried pirate treasure, putrefied animal carcasses, and environmental devastation abound on this desolate shoreline, which once served as the final destination for the city’s carriage horses. Today this beach-comber’s paradise is covered with garbage dating back to a 1920s landfill deposit, offering a fascinating look at what New Yorkers were throwing away a century ago.  Bring a bag for take home a few of the incredible artifacts you’re sure to stumble upon—there’s plenty of trash to go around.

Join us on May 2nd as we escape again into New York’s past, revisiting history with Abandoned NYC’s Will Ellis. He’ll be giving a historical introduction to the site, weaving in tales from his experience photographing for his book Abandoned NYC, and showing the best places to look for artifacts.

The tour will meet at in front of the Target a block from the Flatbush Av- Brooklyn College subway stop at 12:45 pm to take the Q35 Bus together. See below for a video showing what you might see on our tour of Dead Horse Bay.


Zez-City Kitty-Klops-ECB-Earthfolk-NYC-Street Art-Graffiti-Untapped Cities-001Zez One, City Kitty, ECB, Earthfolk & Klops

In our monthly showcase, Untapped Cities Street Art Columnist Christopher Inoa highlights the top five New York City graffiti and street art pieces found on the city’s walls, rooftops and tunnels. 

The cold of winter is finally behind us. Spring is returning to New York City and that means more art can be found on the streets. Goodbye big heavy coats and hello galleries and murals. Some of you may be rusty because you’ve been inside all winter, but the artists featured here kept working during the unpredictable weather this month. Here are five pieces of extraordinary art from some of NYC’s most popular graffiti and street artists, all waiting to be found and Instagrammed.  (more…)

Heat Map of Operating Systems NYC Scott Galloway-NYU Stern-L2-Apple iOS-Android-BlackberryHeat map of operating systems: Red = iOS, Green = Android, Purple = Blackberry

As part of a presentation for DLD (Digital-Life-Design) Conference, NYU Clinical Professor of Marketing Scott Galloway, who is also the founder of research firm L2, presented a heat map of mobile operating systems in New York City created on Mapbox by GNIP, a social data resource. Galloway says that the wealthier areas of Manhattan correlate with iOS usage, while “as you go into the lower income households and suburbia, Android lights up.” He also makes a note, “By the way, if you see purple in the middle lighting up, that’s Jurassic Park. That’s the dinosaurs using Blackberry.” While the composite map is certainly impactful, it’s another example of how maps can be misleading–a subject we previously explored with Runkeeper in “Beautiful Maps and the Lies They Tell.”


East Village Gas Explosion-Fire-2nd Avenue-7th Street-Sushi Park-NYCPhoto by Nathan Blaney

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The Ramones at CBGB-Rock-NYC-1974The Ramones at CBGBs. Photo courtesy of Gypsy Warrior.

No band embodied the fun and grit of New York City better than the Ramones. On March 30, 1974, the Ramones put on their very first show, for 30 friends in a small studio on East 20th Street. “It was not an auspicious debut,” writes Tony Fletcher in All Hopped Up And Ready To Go, “the set collapsing several times into complete chaos.” Here are some fun facts from the early days of the Ramones:


Hanksy-Best-of-The-Worst-Untapped-Cities-Art-NYC-Street-Art-Lexi-Bella-Frank-ApeImage via The Dusty Rebel

Love him or hate him, Hanksy knows how to throw one hell of a party. Last year we covered his event in the East Village (Surplus Candy), where he and a number of other New York City street artists took over an abandoned building, filling each room, stairwell and door with art. This past weekend, at a former Chase bank in the Lower East Side, Hanksy once again covered an entire space with his pop-culture based artwork filled with bad puns and artwork from an assortment of NYC street artists. (more…)