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There is a new shop in Williamsburg devoted completely to selling hot sauce. Heatonist is for all of us who need our food as spicy as possible and revel in the collection of hot sauces (more than a row of the Untapped Cities HQ fridge is just hot sauce). This past weekend, we went to the opening party of Heatonist, where hot sauce enthusiasts can come and taste a very wide variety of sauces, ranging from mild to hottest.


The public will be able to walk freely in and around the five masks, which range in height from 14 1/2' to 16 1/2 '

The public will be able to walk freely in and around the five masks, which range in height from  14 1/2′ to 16 1/2 ‘

The Thomas Houseago outdoor art installation Masks (Pentagon) will be unveiled at Rockefeller Center on Tuesday, April 28th. This site-specific installation consists of five masks cast from clay in industrial-strength synthetic plastic and stand in height from 14 1/2 feet to 16 1/2 feet. They are set on a stepped base pedestal of unfinished redwood and, blending in beautifully with their surroundings, in an installation organized by Public Art Fund and Tishman Speyer.


Reflection from the mirror-polished discs in Teresita Fernandez's exhibit 'Fata Morgana'

Reflection from the mirror-polished discs in Teresita Fernandez’s exhibit ‘Fata Morgana’

This week, the Madison Square Park Conservancy has been in the process of installing a new outdoor sculpture exhibit by artist Teresita Fernandez. Fata Morgana will be the largest and most ambitious exhibit this park has ever seen and will consist of a 500- foot canopy of mirror-polished discs above the pathways around the Park.  The installation will go up in two phases with the positioning and securing of six steel structures as Phase I.  Phase II will see the securing of the mirror-polished discs onto the steel structures, acting as a reflective canopy.  The entire installation will be completed by April 30th.


Glen Curtiss Airport-Queens-LaGuardia-North Beach Airport-NYC

There’s a lot going on (or not going on) with LaGuardia airport these days–from a design competition, runway extension, and demolition of jet age hangars. But way before this, before LaGuardia airport was deemed a third-world airport and even before it accepted planes by sea, there is an earlier, lost version of the airport by a different name.


JR Flatiron Pasting-Giant Man Walking-NYCCover of The New York Times Magazine (photo via Jake Silverstein)

French street artist JR, whose work has previously been shown in Times Square, Fordham University and inside abandoned hospitals on Ellis Island, always seems to outdo himself when he comes to New York City. Last week, The New York Times Magazine released the April issue, titled “Walking New York.” The cover is an aerial photo of the very large and very real piece by JR at Flatiron Plaza, with information that there were many more placed throughout the five boroughs. There could be no better cue for us at Untapped Cities to go traipsing around the city this weekend.

All 14 of the other pieces were also photographs of recent immigrants, taken by JR on the streets of Nolita earlier this month. The goal is to encourage people to walk all over the city to find the pieces. Below are all 14 pieces of JR’s “Walking New York” project:


Untapped Cities-Big Screen Plaza Instagram Competition-Dkafalas 1

In the last month, Untapped Cities has had the pleasure of looking at the many reader Instagram submissions from the #UntappedCities and #BigScreenNY contest. The winners, selected by the Untapped Cities editorial staff, will be shown on the Big Screen at Big Screen Plaza next to Herald Square starting this coming Monday, April 27th to May 1st, 2015 daily at lunchtime, 12pm-1pm. Thank you to all that participated! Below are a few samples that you’ll see on the Big Screen: