East Village Gas Explosion-Fire-2nd Avenue-7th Street-Sushi Park-NYCPhoto by Nathan Blaney

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The Ramones at CBGB-Rock-NYC-1974The Ramones at CBGBs. Photo courtesy of Gypsy Warrior.

No band embodied the fun and grit of New York City better than the Ramones. On March 30, 1974, the Ramones put on their very first show, for 30 friends in a small studio on East 20th Street. “It was not an auspicious debut,” writes Tony Fletcher in All Hopped Up And Ready To Go, “the set collapsing several times into complete chaos.” Here are some fun facts from the early days of the Ramones:


Hanksy-Best-of-The-Worst-Untapped-Cities-Art-NYC-Street-Art-Lexi-Bella-Frank-ApeImage via The Dusty Rebel

Love him or hate him, Hanksy knows how to throw one hell of a party. Last year we covered his event in the East Village (Surplus Candy), where he and a number of other New York City street artists took over an abandoned building, filling each room, stairwell and door with art. This past weekend, at a former Chase bank in the Lower East Side, Hanksy once again covered an entire space with his pop-culture based artwork filled with bad puns and artwork from an assortment of NYC street artists. (more…)

Abbesses-Subway Station-Paris Metro-Hector GuimardImage via Soundscapes

Art aficionados, culture vultures and unashamed aesthetes flock to Paris to see some of the best art in the world. From world class paintings, sculptures and architecture the city is bursting with top museums and art galleries–however, let’s not disregard what lies beneath the cobbled city streets.

The travel experts at the Paris Pass have gone underground to uncover the true beauty of Paris’ metro stations. From original art nouveau entrances, to cleverly curated platforms, the Paris subway system is a network worthy of much more than getting from A to B! There’s plenty to appreciate in terms of art and culture, so take your adventures to another level: under the busy streets of the French capital.


NYC Map Stench Map Showing Location of Odor Producing Industries of New York and Brooklyn, circa 1870 (“Charles F. Chandler Papers Columbia University Rare Books and Manuscript Library“Map Showing Location of Odor Producing Industries of New York and Brooklyn,” 1870 from Columbia University Rare Books and Manuscript Library

Last week, we showed photographs from the Untapped Cities tour of Dead Horse Bay, including the “fun” fact that odors from the noxious industries there were once so bad, they’d cause evacuations of the hotels on Manhattan Beach. This week, Tanvi Misra at City Lab has uncovered a great “stench map” made by the New York City Metropolitan Board of Health in 1870. Unlike a map of what the sewers smelled like in 1910 we previously covered which locates smells at the point of smell, the Board of Health stench map locates “offensive traders,” or the industrial culprits of the smells.


Shortly after the deadly gas explosion in the East Village last week, we watched FDNY and NYPD first responders race down Second Avenue. Among these was the mythical undercover yellow taxi cab NYPD cop car. Following  an NYPD van at top speed, in this case the undercover cab was hard not to miss with sirens, flashing lights and a uniformed NYPD officer driving.