NYC Map Stench Map Showing Location of Odor Producing Industries of New York and Brooklyn, circa 1870 (“Charles F. Chandler Papers Columbia University Rare Books and Manuscript Library“Map Showing Location of Odor Producing Industries of New York and Brooklyn,” 1870 from Columbia University Rare Books and Manuscript Library

Last week, we showed photographs from the Untapped Cities tour of Dead Horse Bay, including the “fun” fact that odors from the noxious industries there were once so bad, they’d cause evacuations of the hotels on Manhattan Beach. This week, Tanvi Misra at City Lab has uncovered a great “stench map” made by the New York City Metropolitan Board of Health in 1870. Unlike a map of what the sewers smelled like in 1910 we previously covered which locates smells at the point of smell, the Board of Health stench map locates “offensive traders,” or the industrial culprits of the smells.


Shortly after the deadly gas explosion in the East Village last week, we watched FDNY and NYPD first responders race down Second Avenue. Among these was the mythical undercover yellow taxi cab NYPD cop car. Following  an NYPD van at top speed, in this case the undercover cab was hard not to miss with sirens, flashing lights and a uniformed NYPD officer driving.


untapped cities-photo pool-nyc transportation-gigi.nycRoosevelt Island Tram by gigi.nyc

New York City is home to many modes of transportation from ferries and horse carriages to trains and water taxis. This week we’ve rounded up the recent reader submitted Instagram photos related to transportation in the city that never sleeps. Hashtag #UntappedCities on Instagram and Twitter if you would like to have one of your photos entered in the running for our weekly “Best Of”column. Also, you can keep an eye on what contributors and readers are checking out by browsing the live feed.


UntappedCities BigScreen Instagram Contest Photo, Empire State Building, NYC, Night Lights, Skyscrapers, NYC Lifestyle, City that never sleeps“Keep Your Head Up” by lastbadasstion

In this week’s showcase of 25 more photos from the #UntappedCities & #BigScreenNY contest, our readers were all over the city–from rooftops to underground tunnels. For the past two weeks we’ve received over 430 photos in the contest. Thank you for all of the submissions and beautiful view points of our city! Pinterest users out there can see all the photos including last week’s 25 by visiting the contest Pinterest board. Submit your photos by hashtagging #UntappedCities and #BigScreenNY, and following @untappedcities on Instagram. The contest will conclude by April 5 so be sure to submit soon. Look out for next Friday’s article with 25 more photos.

The winning photos will be showcased at Big Screen Plaza from April 20th to 24th between 12 and 1 pm. Enjoy this week’s submitted photos:


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Boycott Nazi Germany-Madison Square Garden-8th Avenue-WWII-NYCThis photo is from 1937 anti-Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden, but we expect the spirit to be similar in 1933

There has been a lot of upsetting news the last couple of days. New Yorkers have shown resilience in the face of adversity before, one example being their defiant rally against Nazism on March 27, 1933, following the elevation of Adolf Hitler to Reich Chancellor on January 30, 1933. In the weeks following the Nazi Party’s ascent, their paramilitary group, the SA (“Brownshirts”) terrorized Jewish communities across Germany. In New York City, the condemnation of the Germans was universal, with the city’s leading German-American newspaper editor slamming the “insane persecution of the Jews” and warning, “Any regime founded upon the basis of religious or racial persecution must inevitably meet the united moral opposition of the civilized world.” In fact, voices from all around the country sent support to the New York Jewish community, which began planning its response.