We’re pretty sure in New York City you can get any food you can dream up, and we credit that to the melting pot that the city is and its population that likes to push the boundaries. Here are 10 of the weirdest and most bizarre foods available here that will probably make you pucker up (or for some, make your taste buds water).

1. Live Octopus at Sik Gaek

Live Octopus-Sik Gaek-Flushing-Woodside-Bizarre Weird Foods-NYCPhoto via Yelp by Wing L.

Korean restaurant Sik Gaek has two locations, one in Woodside and one in Flushing. The real delicacy is the live octopus. Yes, it’s served to you squirming. People describe it as “chewy,” “slimy,” but also for some, their “favorite dish.” Make sure to call in advance if you want to order it, as it’s not always available.


Abandoned Children's Hospital-Seaview Hospital-Staten Island-NYC-004Photo by @nativenyc

Seaview Hospital was once the largest tuberculosis sanatorium in the country, now listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and is also a U.S. Historic District and New York City landmark. The historic district, which was developed next to the Staten Island Farm Colony, includes 37 buildings planned and developed between 1905 and 1938. The NYC.gov website for the Sea View Hospital Rehabilitation Center & Home gives no indication of the surrounding abandonment, but indeed a few organizations have returned to operate from within the grounds, including a rehab center, volunteer firefighting organization and volunteer ambulance service. The photographic team of f/11 recently took a visit inside the crumbling remains of the Children’s Hospital at Seaview, as well as the underground tunnels beneath the main building, and shared with us their photos.


Roseland Ballroom-Demolition-NYC

Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

As season 5 of Downton Abbey has come to close, we thought it was high time we updated our list of film locations for the popular British television show. Here are 10 notable spots from the first five seasons:

1. Highclere Castle

Actually located in Newbury (west of London), the home that stands in for Downton Abbey is still occupied by the Carnavaron family but is open for tours and events. If the architectural style rings a bell, it’s because it’s designed by the same architect as the British Houses of Parliament.


World Trade Center WTC Transportation Hub Santiago Calatrava-NYCPhoto by Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork

ANIMALNewYork has just released incredible new photographs of what the inside of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub is looking like inside. The last time we took a peek ourselves at the Santiago Calatrava designed hub was in August 2013, when we brought the then exciting Google Glass inside to film the construction. The construction has been notoriously costly (with budget cuts impacting the aesthetics in the end), though we still think it’ll be a unique architectural addition to New York City. According to Animal, the transit hub should be open by the end of 2015.


Brooklyn Kings Theatre-Loews-NYCEDC Restoration-Untapped Cities Behind the Scenes NYC TourPhoto by Matt Lambros of After the Final Curtain

The launch of our new Behind the Scenes NYC Tour Series with the NYCEDC has been so successful, we have a long waiting list for the March 16th Brooklyn Kings Theatre tour after the tour sold out in a day. Keep signing up for the waitlist, as we are working to add a new tour slot. In the meantime, you can win tickets to the sold out tour by signing up for our raffle below and/or by hashagging Instagram photographs of New York City landmarks with #untappedNYCEDC. Both giveaways end this Friday. Sign up to get early notification of our upcoming tours in the Behind the Scenes Tour Series here.

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