Day of the Dead skeletons in the Village Halloween Parade.

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fillmore-east-marquee-nyc-untappedFillmore East marquee in 1968. Image via Record Collector

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (GVSHP) has been commemorating locations in the Village with plaques to remind people of famous sites and introduce some that aren’t so well-known. On October 29th, the GVSHP will be celebrating the former Fillmore East with a historic plaque marking the concert hall that was at 2nd Avenue and 6th Street from 1968-1971. In celebration of the site, there will be performances by guitarist Lenny Kaye and founder of the Joshua Light Show, Joshua White. The event will take place at 105 Second Avenue, the concert hall’s former address, now an Apple Bank.


Woolworth Tower Residences - 31A terrace.jpg

The Woolworth Building has been in the news a lot recently, with the renderings revealed for the new condominiums that are going in, starting at $3.875 million and going up to $110 million for the 7-level penthouse. With our next one-hour tour of the off-limits Woolworth Building coming up on Saturday, November 8th (just a few tickets left!), we thought we would share with you what some lucky residents will get in the upcoming years. And if you can’t make November 8th, the last tour we’ll do this year will be on December 4th.


Ramen-Noodle-Tampopo-Film-Untapped Cities-Food-NYC-Best Of-ListsTampopo (Screengrab via MV Film Society)

Noodles are good at all times of the year, but there is something about truly getting in from the cold and warming up by having some hot, that just fills makes dealing with the cold of New York City worth it. NYC has become a hotbed for ramen and noodle soups in the last couple of years. With so many options, how can anyone choose? Well, we did it for ya, because we like you so much. Here are 10 of our favorite noodle shops in NYC.


In New York City, it’s not surprising there are some renown vaults holding all sorts of precious things. These include the gold vault at the Federal Reserve, The New York Times “morgue,” and the Van Cortlandt Park vaults that hid the city’s records from the British during the Revolution. Earlier this year, a new vault opened–the New York City Archaeological Repository, full of objects uncovered through archeological excavations in New York City. Previously, the items were stored separately across 13 different locations, including several universities. Here are some of the unique finds stored in this Midtown Manhattan spot, two floors beneath the street on West 47th Street.

1. A 200-year-old douche

New York Archeological Repository-Douche-Mammal Bone-Feminine Product-1800s-City Hall-NYCImage by Chrysalis Archaeological Consultants


Shopsin's General Store-Essex Market-Ken-NYCImage via Marvilous Me

Before enjoying an unforgettable brunch at Shopsin’s General Store, diners are highly encouraged to study the Shopsin’s menu. With more than 900 menu items (and a bunch more than aren’t listed), first-timers are often perplexed at their choices. This indecision will not fly with owner/chef Kenny Shopsin, who reserves the right to expel anyone who annoys him or does not abide by his rules— or his philosophy on food. Some rules of the establishment are: