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Hanoi pedestrians & motorcyclists in front of City View Cafe

Can Hanoi, an ancient royal capital that has been invaded and ruled by conquerors repeatedly over the centuries, find peace and prosperity as a world city at the start of its new millennium?

It is in many ways the ideal 21st century city—eminently walkable, friendly, entertaining, hip, young, tolerant, and inexpensive. Its old neighborhoods are a Jane-Jacobs triumph of mixed-use economic dynamism and eyes-on-the-street for safety. Retail, restaurants, and business services squeeze into the narrow ground-floor street fronts while residents live in the wildly assorted houses above.

Except for a few hours between midnight and dawn, Hanoians seem constantly on the move—eating, drinking, making things, selling things, playing badminton and chess, laughing, talking, hustling—pretty much all in the same space.


Breadcrumb Waydinding-Flushing Meadows Corona Park-You Are Here-The World's Park-Queens-NYC-01

The crumbling World’s Fair Pavilion is not the only concern for the future of Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Numerous organizations, including NYC Parks, the Queens Museum, and the Design Trust for Public Space are seeking ways to better connect the park, traditionally cut off by highways and large-scale infrastructure, to neighboring communities. A new exhibit at Queens Museum displays concepts developed by the community in this latest civic-led approach to improvements in the park. Entitled You Are Here: Creating a New Approach to Civic Participation in the World’s Parkthe exhibition is the culmination of the first phase of The World’s Park: Reconnecting a Regional Park with Its Neighbors, a community engagement partnership.

Below are four design concepts put forth in the presentation yesterday and on view at the Queens Museum through May 3rd.


Top 10 Books about Life in Vintage NY-Untapped Cities-NYC

We’ve picked the best books about life during different eras of vintage New York–and all of them evoke the squalor, glamor and societal pressures of their time.

Many people wish they could visit a decade they didn’t live through, if only for a day, to experience the sights, sounds and fashions of a lost age. With these books, you will be transported there, whilst still enjoying the benefits of clean water and antibiotics.


The New York Times has a video of what you’ll see when you take the elevators to the observatory atop One World Trade Center–and it’s pretty neat. An animated time lapse in all 5 elevators shows the development of the city’s skyline, from the 1500s to today from the perspective of your exact spot inside One World Trade Center. Immersive, floor to ceiling LED technology lines each elevator, and you’ll go from bedrock in the early 1500s to the natural shoreline of the early 1600s. But look closely, there seem to be some time errors in the 19th century.


untapped cities-photo pool-street art-BobSchled 1Fight for Street Art by bobschled

New York City is known for its dynamic street art. You’ve probably seen our monthly roundup of the best street art pieces in the city, but our readers are also actively photographing the subject as seen in this week’s collection below.

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