Chisel and Mouse Fun Maps Plaster City-NYC-Untapped Cities-01Plaster-cast buildings that double as bookends, by Chisel & Mouse. Image via chiselandmouse.com

Hopefully some millennials out there still remember those rainy grade school afternoons spent building pillow forts and Lego sets. There was a simple joy in putting things together and playing make-believe. Thankfully, one can never be too old to make castles in the sand. Or plaster.

Robert and Gavin Paisley were once software developers. Now, the British-based duo run a company that designs plaster architectural models. The brothers call it Chisel & Mouse in reference to their mixing of traditional methods with 3-D printing and computer aided design (CAD) technology.


Explorers Club-Upper East Side-NYCExplorers Club, photo via Narratively

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Peter Stuyvesant Arrives in New Amsterdam as Governor-NYC-Today in NYC-Untapped CitiesPeter Stuyvesant arrives in New Amsterdam as the new Director General of New Netherland. Image via allposter.com

New Amsterdam in the early 1640s was a mess. Trash was strewn about the muddy streets, drunken sailors and farm animals ambled about, and New Netherland’s small population was huddled up in Manhattan after a bruising war against local Native American tribes. Enter Peter Stuyvesant. On May 27, 1647, he took over as Director General of New Netherland for the Dutch West India Company, telling the assembled crowd that he would “govern you as a father his children.” He would play the stern father in New Netherland until 1664, when the Dutch surrendered control of the colony to the British. (New Netherland was the full New York-area colony, New Amsterdam was lower Manhattan.)


image via Wikimedia by (WT-de)_MistoffelesThe Monastery of St. Bernard de Clairvaux. Image via Wikimedia by (WT-de)_Mistoffeles

The year was 1925. Newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst was three years from his media empire’s peak. He commanded nearly 30 different papers in cities around the country and enjoyed a fortune valued today at $35 billion dollars. Naturally, the next step was to buy a High Medieval Spanish monastery, disassemble it stone by stone, pack it into 11,000 wooden crates, and ship it all from Sacramenia in Northern Spain to Brooklyn, New York.


Washington Square Park-NYC-Untapped Cities-jinwoo chong-01

Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village is a wonderful respite from the city with is magnificent arch and public spaces. But all around it, secrets abound in the history of how it came to be. Here are our top 10 favorite secrets of Washington Square Park:


Beauty Bar-NYC-14th Street-Feminist Nails

One of Manhattan’s coolest vintage bars has kicked off a new a new fashion craze–the “feminist” manicure. Beauty Bar is a real 1950s beauty salon on 14th Street–complete with chrome-domed hairdryers–with a bar inside it, and it’s been giving $10 manicures with free cocktails for years. But recently, one of its manicurists decided to give her clients something to laugh about at their boring day jobs by painting their middle fingers an alternate color, or leaving it nude, for what she calls the ‘feminist manicure’.