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Inside the Ziegfeld Theater, one of the only remaining single screen movie theaters left in New York City, is a museum dedicated to its history. The movie palace (one of the last built) currently stands on 141 West 54 street, a two minute walk away from 1341-47 Sixth Avenue, the home of the original Zeigfeld Theater. Beginning on February 2, 1927 till it was demolished in 1966, the theater premiered everything from Broadway productions to feature length films. (more…)

New Installation

While we wait for the seven Calatrava’s to arrive on Park Avenue at 52nd Street, we can rest our eyes on a new (or rather, another) Urs Fischer piece currently being installed on the plaza at 345 Park Avenue – the Seagram Building.  Meet Clay 3. (more…)

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Spirit of East HarlemSpirit of East Harlem on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 104th Street.

This past weekend, the Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) hosted Jane’s Walk weekend with more than 100 free walking tours.  We decided to take the tour given by MAS and East Harlem Preservation, aptly named “Lost and Found Murals of East Harlem – Buildings on Canvas”.

While the East Harlem of the 1930’s was predominantly Italian, after the first World War, East Harlem welcomed a vibrant Latino and Puerto Rican community that brought with them a wealth of culture in their art, food and music.   (more…)

What stands out about the Lafayette Theater Townhouses,  middle-income affordable housing in Central Harlem, is that they, quite frankly, don’t stand out.

Constructed on vacant City-owned properties in the early 2000s, they are infill buildings interspersed among older structures, mostly nineteenth century brownstones and other rowhouses. The project consisted of nine separate groupings, located mostly between W. 134th Street, Lenox Avenue (aka Malcolm X Boulevard), W. 129th Street, and Seventh Avenue (aka Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard). (more…)

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The first of four Netflix original series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Daredevil is the second attempt to bring the character known as “The Man Without Fear” on screen. The plot focuses on the beginnings of two people: Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk. Murdock is a lawyer in Hell’s Kitchen, who lost his sight in a childhood accident; Fisk is a businessman who dreams of transforming New York City. The series follows these two rivals as they become what comic readers recognize as Daredevil and The Kingpin.

Much has changed since the 80s'; Frank Miller’s version of Hells Kitchen is much different than the one we know of today. The showrunners decided to keep the story set in a fictional Hell’s Kitchen, and after viewing the series on Netflix, we recognized many of the location used during filming. Here is a list of 10 locations used in Netflix’s Daredevil.