Times Square With Love

Just open this morning at 11 am is the new installation “XXX Times Square with Love,” from Times Square Arts and J. Mayer H. Now, instead of hurrying through Times Square to avoid the tourists, you can literally lie down in the public space – that is, if you can get a spot. The X-shaped loungers, which can accommodate up to four people lying down, were inspired by the shape of the intersection at Broadway and 7th Avenue. Not mentioned in the press release, but an obvious reference, is the XXX past of Times Square, notoriously cleaned up in the late ’90s and early 2000s.



All aboard the Nantucket Lightship, the beautifully restored luxury yacht with a unique past. The Nantucket Lightship sits at Brooklyn Bridge Park‘s Pier 6 and serves as an event space, charter yacht, and vacation rental. Although this ship now serves to entertain, it was originally a floating lighthouse that purpose was to protect those at sea. This particular lightship was on duty from 1950 to 1985. In 2000, the former Senator of Massachusetts Bill Golden and wife Kristen, bought and restored the ship, giving it a second life in the entertainment and hospitality business.



Never let it be said that people in New York don’t express themselves in interesting ways. One of the more creative forms is graffiti and street art. Most people are familiar with art expression on the walls of buildings, train cars, and the like, but in large cities like New York, Miami, and London, for example, street or sidewalk art is becoming a common form of expression. The last few years have seen the proliferation of  “Art Stamps,” or stenciling. This form of art is usually composed of short thought provoking or positive messages. It can be found on many New York City streets and while it normally is not a good idea to walk with your head down, here is our list of ten to get you started


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On September 15th, the 6th annual New York City Dîner en Blanc will be back in a yet-to-be-disclosed location. The first round of registrations began yesterday, which are open to guests who attended last year and the second phase, guests of sponsored guests from the first phase, will open on Friday. After that, the tens of thousands on the waitlist might get to sign up if the dinner doesn’t fill up before then.

Here at Untapped Cities, we’ve had a long history with this pop-up white dinner – from our attendance annually in the Paris Dîner en Blanc, the original incarnation of the dinner, to our role in organizing the dinner in New York City since its inception.

While we can’t share any secrets of the upcoming dinner, we thought it would be a great moment to look back at the previous locations and speculate about where it might be this year. Let’s go back in time first to the year 2011, when the Dîner en Blanc first launched in New York City:


Lavender by the Bay-Marion-Farm-Long Island-NYC

Looking for a way to spend a day away from New York City’s craziness? Long Island has numerous under the radar places that are great getaways from the City. The region is famous for its vineyards and also for beaches but, did you know there is a lavender farm in Long Island too? Yup! You don’t need to catch a flight to Provence to see some gorgeous lavender fields.