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Brooklyn Bridge Under Construction-NYC-1872-1887

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velvet underground-nico-nyc-warhol-mapImage via Flickr: thatspep

At a time when the majority of people around the world were “California Dreaming“, the Velvet Underground were un-apologetically representative of the much grittier New York City experience. And as the Velvet Underground’s critical stature grew to astronomical heights after their initial 1960s heyday (thanks in no small part to the involvement of NYC art icon Andy Warhol), they have become one of the city’s  most recognizable cultural benchmarks. Flavorwire were keen enough to put together a Velvet Underground map of New York City to illustrate just how intrinsically connected they were to the streets of NYC. You can view it below:


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After a six year renovation which concluded in 1999

After a six year renovation which concluded in 1999

With the seemingly countless proposed changes along the 125th Street corridor in Harlem, including the approved city rezoning plan, we thought we would take a look inside the elevated Metro North Station. There was a time, in 1844, when the New York Central and the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (ancestors of today’s Metro North) ran at grade level along Park Avenue in Harlem.


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Entrance of The Stork Club
Image via Spooner Central
On any given night at the swanky Stork Club in New York City, you could see the Vanderbilts mingling with the Kennedys, Lucille Ball dancing with her husband Desi Aranaz, Ernest Hemingway doing ‘cheers’ with fellow novelist and paramour, Martha Gellhorn. Marilyn Monroe, Joe Dimaggio, and Frank Sinatra were among the regulars and even the Duke and Duchess of Windsor made multiple appearances. Owner Sherman Billingsley was a pro at filling a room, and even kept an empty table for military men who often made a reservation for their expected night of return. It was the place where actors, novelists, government figures, directors, American troops, American culture-creators, and New York’s fanciest and wealthiest gathered.
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Sneakerpawn-USA-NYC-Jordans-Sneakers-Untapped Cities-Harlem-Christopher Inoa

The world’s first and only pawn shop devoted entirely to sneakers is now in Harlem. And this is not for those grimy gym sneakers you have in your closet. Sneaker Pawn USA, located at 200 Lenox Avenue at 120th Street is run by a father and (teenage) son team from their Harlem apartment selling rare kicks that can sell for up to $15,000.


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