Web Bites – Napoleonland, Hidden East Village Theater, SF Shipwrecks

The Untapped Web Bites are editor picks of the best online reads of the week from each of our cities and the most Untapped places across the globe.

Wallabout, Brooklyn: as close to off the grid as urban gets, next to the Brooklyn Navy Yard [NY Times]

A bodega’s cavernous secret reveals a hidden theater [Tumblr]

Keep up to date on-the-go with a series of public transportation oriented apps. [Lifehacker]

Yoga arrives to San Francisco International Airport. [CBS Local]

Burritto Justice: Shipwrecks, some beer, and a good dose of San Francisco history. [Burrito Justice]

The perennial debate between New York and Paris is embodied in art prints. [Society 6] [Untapped Paris article]

It may sound like some elaborate pun pointed at amusement park giants, but it isn’t. Meet Napoleonland. [Telegraph]

The FBI is seeking to monitor social media sites for posts relevant to terrorism, surveillance operations, online crime and other points of interest. [New Scientist]

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