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Our most popular list on Foursquare is our Abandoned NYC list. These are Untapped Cities’ favorite abandoned spots in New York City and the surrounding area. Some are break-in-able, some open to the public, some only for the intrepid. It features some great summer escapes like Fort Totten, Dead Horse Bay and Bannerman’s Island, as well as some great winter expeditions. Some places are harder to access, like Glenwood Power Plant and the Gowanus Batcave (both of which have recently been closed off for gutting/renovation, North Brother Island, and some of the abandoned theaters.

Here’s a sampling from our Abandoned NYC list:

20. Glenwood/Yonkers Power Plant

Seven miles north of the Manhattan stands the ruin of the Glenwood/Yonkers power station, once associated with the New York Central and Hudson River Railroads. Interior demolition has begun, with plans to convert it into a hotel and conference center. See photos from 2012 and 2013.

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  1. Si Petersen says:

    Very cool! I’m researching a horror novel that I’m working on, and yoou’ve given me plenty of great ideas for locations thanks to these eerie photos

  2. UrbexJunkie says:

    Great article, makes me want to go back for more.

  3. audie jansen says:

    can u email me let m know how I can purchase some of these metal buildings that’s been abanded I thank u have a good day audiejansen@yahoo.com

  4. audie jansen says:

    how can I find out how to purchase soe of these abaned metal buildings please email me let me know I thank u for ur time

    • ManicG says:

      Ok, but bring someone who can actually count. If your spelling is any indication of your math skills, you’ll probably need them. Just sayin’

  5. freshNYC says:

    Great List! Very intriguing.

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