untapped cities-photo pool-transportation-adritwnThe Subway by adritwn

One thing New York City is known for is its transportation, sometimes a welcome blessing, other times (especially this summer) a harrowing journey into 100-degree heat and close contact with strangers. This week, we looked for our favorite shots of the city’s transportation (missing: ferries!). To be featured in our weekly ‘Best Of’ Column, hashtag #UntappedCities on Instagram and Twitter. You can also keep an eye on what contributors and readers are checking out by browsing the live feed.

A Gang of Yellow Taxi by reverie.nyc

untapped cities-photo pool-transportation-reverie.nyc

Traffic by anihu7

untapped cities-photo pool-transportation-anihu7

7 Subway by picturethisphotographynyc

untapped cities-photo pool-transportation-picturethisphotographynyc

Vacant Taxi by _ctnrl

untapped cities-photo pool-transportation-_ctnrl

Bird’s Eye View of Vehicles by martyczer

untapped cities-photo pool-transportation-martyczer

The Subway by adritwn

untapped cities-photo pool-transportation-adritwn

Biking by anihu7

untapped cities-photo pool-transportation-anihu7 2

Walking by stephenmar

untapped cities-photo pool-transportation-stephenmar

Driving Near the Flatiron Building by kinguponarrival_nyc

untapped cities-photo pool-transportation-kinguponarrivalnyc


Chicago’s Taxi by relaxocat

untapped cities-photo pool-transportation-relaxocat

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