Spiral, Pen on paper, 27×35. Image from artist.

Across the Atlantic in London, artist Alex Evans made his name on Vine with his intricately drawn pen and ink illustrations composed of “geometric shapes and complex patterns which manipulate established traditions of mathematical space.” His work depicts hybrid architectural systems and topologies of the imagined city, often evoking images of metropolis such as New YorkHe has been nominated as a contender for this year’s Shorty’s Award – an annual awards event recognizing those producing real-time short form content across different social media platforms.


London Underground-London Pass-Infographic Fun Facts-Tube

What we love about old cities like London are the many fascinating discoveries that are literally beneath the surface of the streets. The London Underground subway system or the Tube, as its popularly called, is no exception. The team from London Pass has put together this great infographic with fun facts and history. Here are some highlights:


London-Leake-Street Graffiti Tunnel-Banksy Tunnel-London Underground-London Pass-Untapped CitiesPhoto via Flickr by ChrisLloydPhotography

Uncover the city that lies beneath the streets of London. There is more to London than meets the eye; from historic catacombs, to lime mines, arty tunnels and underground museums. London’s subterranean world is waiting to be explored and the London experts at The London Pass have gone under ground to discover some of the most fascinating sites and attractions.


As season 5 of Downton Abbey has come to close, we thought it was high time we updated our list of film locations for the popular British television show. Here are 10 notable spots from the first five seasons:

1. Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle

Actually located in Newbury (west of London), the home that stands in for Downton Abbey is still occupied by the Carnavaron family but is open for tours and events. If the architectural style rings a bell, it’s because it’s designed by the same architect as the British Houses of Parliament.


A Pound of Flesh-London-Wax House-Alex Chinneck-Melting-Kiki Stevenson-Merge Festival

Over the course of one year, artist Alex Chinneck built a “brick” house made entirely of wax, in partnership with a team of engineers, wax manufacturers and chemists. It was for an installation at the Merge Festival in London this month called “A Pound of Flesh for 50p.” The science behind it is to ensure that the building melts at a steady rate, turning into a regular old slouchy building.


PETA-Empty the Cage-Dan Weitz-London-3

Sir Paul McCarthy once said that “if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Longtime animal rights organization PETA has launched Empty The Cage: a public art project spreading the word on the cruelty to animals in slaughterhouses around the world. First reported on British GQ by Global Street Art editor James Buxton the project commissioned NYC street artist Dan Witz to place his unique brand of street art around London. Which in this case means that chicken feet have been popping up in surprising places all over the city .