04/03/14 10:00am

Mean StreetMartin Scorsese on the corner of Hester & Baxter Streets 1973 (Photo via The Hollywood Reporter)

This April, we at Untapped Cities have decided to pay homage to one of the most influential and honored directors of all time: Martin Scorsese. Scorsese has set 11 films in New York City, some of them inspired by his own experiences growing up in Lower Manhattan’s Little Italy, others exploring the cultural history of the city. Scorsese is one of only a handful of directors whose work is synonymous with New York and can be seen as a portal to the city’s grittier and darker past. In this first of four installments, we will take a look at five locations for his 1973 crime drama Mean Streets. (more…)

03/31/14 10:00am

1-Buvette Grove Street NYCBuvette, a restaurant on Grove Street (pic via MG and Company)

Greenwich Village is one of the most storied neighborhoods in Manhattan, and, due to the early creation of a historical district, well documented. We have already provided a history of the well known Macdougal Street–home to the beats and folk singers of the 1950s and ’60s–but now we will cover a lesser known street in the neighborhood, Grove Street. One of our favorite streets in the city, Grove is very short, covering only a span of 5 blocks. With Federal style structures it retains a very rustic and old world feel, complimented by sparsely dotted quintessential Village restaurants.  (more…)

03/18/14 9:00am

greenwich village locksmiths-daily what-facade-seventh avenue-nyc-untapped cities-002

From afar, the Greenwich Locksmiths’ shop catches the eye, its bronze facade shining golden in wintry sunlight. A closer look reveals the interesting texture made from a framework of keys that coats the entire frontispiece and door. Thousands of these keys spiral around the front of the building, installed in 2011 by owner Phil Mortillaro after about two decades of indecision regarding how to spruce up the front of the shop.  (more…)

03/06/14 2:30pm

Perhaps the street’s most famous Cafe, Caffe Reggio

From Caffe Reggio–the place that claims to have brought the cappuccino to America–to Minetta Tavern, MacDougal Street plays host to its fair share of historic institutions. It has also been home to a series of the city’s most notable residences. Eleanor Roosevelt called the street home following the death of her husband, and Jackson Pollock  lived on the private MacDougal Alley. The street lies at the heart of Greenwich Village, with the lifeblood of the neighborhood ever present on this dense strip.  (more…)

03/04/14 11:00am

OatMeals-Greenwich-Village-NYCImage via OatMeals

Tucked away in a residential building in Greenwich Village, this gourmet eatery will make you reconsider everything you know about oatmeal. Opened in 2012, OatMeals is the world’s first oatmeal bar and serves 100% natural, whole grain steel cut oats. We’re not talking about a soggy, microwave-nuked morning snack—OatMeals takes its oats very seriously and uses highest quality ingredients.  (more…)

02/19/14 11:00am

With over 18,000 alcohol-serving establishments spread throughout the five boroughs, New York City is regularly in a state of good ol’ drunken merrymaking. Still, many of these locales may be just a bit too banal for the average bar hopper. Why sip at the ordinary surface-planted saloon, when you can go to a discreet subterranean spot?! For those who just imagined themselves bragging about their experience with the latter, here are 10 subterranean bars and lounges to satisfy the underground explorer within you!

1. Little Branch, 22 7th Ave South

little branch-west village-underground bars-manhattan-new york-untapped cities-brennan ortizGuests delighting by the bar counter at Little Branch. Photo via My Odyssey Years.