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Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-051

Last year, we published photos from our trip to the abandoned 5-star Hotel Belvedere just outside the UNESCO city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. While we don’t publicly condone breaking and entering abandoned spaces, when readers contact us about access, we do share some of our tips. Untapped Cities reader Thomas Löbig asked us how to get to the roof with the pool, and then shared his photographs with us after his expedition.


The Casualties of War: The Hotel Belvedere in Dubrovnik, Croatia

In the lobby of our hostel within the walls of old Dubronik, we sat with new friends over wine. One backpacker whispered of an abandoned hotel where a traveler he met had found an intact wine cellar and undetonated grenades. It was decided that the next day, a few intrepid would go search for it. Nobody knew where it was–all we knew was that outside the city walls, we needed to follow the main road along the harbor.