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5 Pointz Demolition-Graffiti-Street Art-Long Island City-Queens-NYCImage via Instagram by notexactlyblue

The day has come for 5 Pointz. Animal New York reports that as of this morning, “a backhoe began tearing into the building that was once the graffiti mecca of New York City. While curators and artists have moved on to other locations in the city, it’s difficult not to see this moment as a symbol of what New York City (its planners and developers at least) aspire for it to be. But in the world of street art in America, a permanent building for aerosol art is probably too much to ask .


aviation high school-lic-queens-nyc-untappedA glimpse of the aircraft parked in clear view behind the Aviation High School in Queens. Image via Flickr: Matt Green

Anybody who has ventured through western Queens can attest to having a “What the heck!?” moment when they first witness the array of airliners and World War II-era bombers parked behind Long Island City’s Aviation High School. Not surprisingly, the activities that go on behind the walls of this unusual institution are just as remarkable as its eye-catching exterior. From steel welding to arithmetic, we’ve got the lowdown on the Aviation Career & Technical Education High School in Queens.


Detail of a painting by Meres One

Detail of a painting by Meres One, who was curator and resident artist at 5 Pointz.

The iconic 5 Pointz building in Long Island City may have been painted over, but the artists can’t be silenced.  In the Whitewash show at the Jeffrey Leder Gallery, members of the graffiti collective have voiced their thoughts and feelings after discovering that the beloved art center had been suddenly whitewashed overnight.


2-Port Morris Gantries IThe Port Morris Gantries in the Bronx as they sit abandoned today (pic via Friend of Brook Park)

Gantry cranes, utilized as slips for ships carrying both goods and people, were used throughout the 20th century. However, due to the growth of other forms of infrastructure–whether that be highways or bridges–they sat in disrepair from the 1960s and 1970s on. In the past few years we have seen a revival in efforts to restore these engineering giants, or at least to develop the area surrounding the gantries. They have anchored the creation of parks–lush green areas as a part of Bloomberg’s development efforts–to historical zone designation leading to development projects of the gantries and surrounding areas.


the oracle club-long island city-queens-nyc-coworking space-untapped cities-007

Our fascination with awesome New York City co-working spaces continues with The Oracle Club in Long Island City. This cozy location is the perfect spot for working in private or in a group, and regularly holds social and networking events for its members. Take a look at all Oracle has to offer, and what makes it different from our other co-working picks: The Yard and General Assembly. (more…)

35 years ago, director Walter Hill’s New York City-based cult classic The Warriors was released into theaters with little to no promotion backing it. The film is looked at today as a portrait of New York City in the late 70′s; a much gritter, darker, and more violent city then the city of Cronuts and Citi Bikes. When it opened however, the film was initally met with negative reviews from critics, and caused controversy when gang activity and vandalism reportedly took place near theaters showing the film.

In celebration of the cult classic’s 35th anniversary, here is a list of film locations used in the NYC gangster thriller.

1. The Coney Island – Stillwell Station

Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue Subway Stop-Brooklyn-NYCConey Island-Stillwell Station