Saks-Holiday-Window-Display-Department-Store-Google-Business-View-Google-Maps-Street-View-NYCOnce Upon a Time at Saks Fifth Avenue

Just a couple weeks ago, we reported that you could now get inside Gramercy Park via Google Maps. Now, you can the holiday department store window displays in New York City from your own home too, or wherever you may be on holiday this week. As reported by the New York Observer, Google Business View has images of Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and Bloomingdales. We’ve got all the windows here for you to look at quickly. First up, “Once Upon a Time” at Saks combining New York City scenes with fairy tale:


10222-SHOE-Saks Fifth Avenue-NYC-Zip CodeImage via Saks Fifth Avenue’s 10022-SHOE Tumblr

Fashionistas of New York City already know this, but did you know Saks Fifth Avenue‘s shoe floor has its own zip code, 10022-SHOE? The vanity zip code was created from a one-off partnership between Saks and USPS in 2007. Saks’ PR director at the time, Lesley Langsam Kennedy said, “It is a marketing strategy. We wanted the department to be a destination and that required a ZIP code. It’s the first time anyone has ever been given permission to do something like this.”  If you haven’t checked out the 8500 square foot shoe floor at the Saks flagship store on 5th Avenue, it’s worth a look.


Saks and Company-Planters-Astoria-Saks Fifth Avenue-NYC-Queens

We came across these planters engraved with “Saks & Company” far, far away from the flagship store on 5th Avenue. In fact, they were in Queens on 36th Avenue and 33rd Street, between Long Island City and Astoria. Since the planters say Saks & Company and not “Saks Fifth Avenue” these make these planters pre-1924, when the company name was changed.