The Untapped Web Bites are editor picks of the best online reads of the week from each of our cities and the most Untapped places across the globe.

The mystique of the Village’s trash-filled car brings residents together. [Gawker]

The streets of the Mission District: Then and now. [SF Gate]

A night in Paris with famed street artist Invader. [Urban Art Core]

A 100+ year old abandoned railway station in New South Wales, now claimed by nature. [Urban Ghosts Media]

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 abandoned, australia, Greenwich Village, history, Linkages, Mission District, Street Art

2 Responses
  1. Hey Monique, thanks for the link to my blog Urban Ghosts and glad you enjoyed the Helensburgh railway station post! Your site is awesome and good luck with it all.

    • monique zamir Reply

      Thanks, Tom! Same to you, I love your site. You gave me yet another reason to go visit Australia. The scenery in those pictures look magical. I’m looking forward to reading more about forgotten places and urban curiosities.

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