Outside of the Revolutionary War, New York City is rarely viewed in terms of its military history. This is unfortunate since the City is home to a large number of military sites spanning its history. Presented below are some of its more prominent forts by historical era, beginning with the Dutch period.

Dutch New York

1. Fort Amsterdam

1916 Redrawing of The Castello Plan, map of 1660 New Amsterdam via Wikimedia Commons

According to the Seal of the City of New York, the City was founded in 1625. That date was chosen because it is the year in which Fort Amsterdam was first constructed. The Fort which was situated at the tip of Manhattan (near present day Battery Park, which received its name from the artillery batteries that were once located there) and remained until 1790. There are currently two plaques commemorating its existence, one is affixed to the facade of 1 Broadway and the other is inside of the Alexander Hamilton Customs House.

Revolutionary War Era

During the Revolutionary War, numerous forts were constructed throughout the City. None of the forts remain today. After the Colonists were defeated, and  retreated, the forts were utilized by the British for the remainder of the War.