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This masterpiece of graphic design is both practical and entertaining. Note how the dots marking the location of the post offices replace O’s in words. And how many times the word “worst” is used. Though this map is from 2011, we’ve all had infuriating post office experiences and the raw emotions expressed in these reviews are relatable. They are entertaining in their extremity in light of how quickly post-post office anger usually subsides. Also entertaining are the positive reviews because who has ever had a notably good post office experience? How good of an experience could it have been? The services provided at a post office don’t leave all that much room for above and beyond customer service. This is a map of post office reviews based on Google Places but it is also a map about a shared social experience.

This map comes from Brooklyn-based Dorothy Gambrell’s blog with many excellent and expertly crafted infographic maps (many more of which will appear in this column) called Very Small Array. Gothamist also previously covered this map, noting that only 3 locations had positive reviews!

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