Here’s what the Untapped Cities staff is reading in the HQ today!

New York City:

The New York Times ran a profile of the Jetty Jumpers, a club of thrill seeking Jet Skiers that take on the New York waterways each summer. Find out more about their adventures, see them in action, or even register for a guided tour here.

WNYC has been maintaining a series called “New York Remade: The Bloomberg Years.” This week, they discussed Bloomberg’s impact on the cityscape of New York, specifically how buildings have increased in number, size, and height. Read the full report here.

The Breadbox Cafe in Long Island City, Queens, has been getting noticed for its innovative facade composed of 1,600 rolling pins. These “doughstix” have inscribed on them the names of individual or organizational donors to The New York Foundling, a foster care support organization. More on Inhabitat

Cube Cities, a Canadian urban visualization engine, has created an amazing animation showing Midtown Manhattan’s growth from 1850 until now. Read coverage on the project on Next City and Gothamist.


Reuters reports that a 17th century mansion designed by the architect of the Palace of Versailles was severely damaged in a fire this past Wednesday. Read our coverage of Hôtel Lambert and other hôtels particuliers here.

The new CinemaCity app and website has launched in Paris. Use it to find out where iconic Parisian film scenes were shot and take walking tours structured around filming locations. More from Messy Nessy Chic.


Marcel Krueger of Slow Travel Berlin explored the U-bahn “ghost stations” in Berlin. These underground train stations date back to the split Germany days, when West Berlin riders were forbidden from disembarking on these East Berlin stops, despite having to pass through them to get to certain West Berlin stations. Read more on the Matador Network.

“Street Paintings” from Swiss artist duo Lang/Baumann have emerged in various European cities. See their most recent work, which decorates a street in Rennes, France, on Co.Design.

This was big news, but in case you missed it, a giant statue of wet Colin Firth (as Pride and Prejudice‘s Mr. Darcy) has risen out of the Serpentine Lake in London’s Hyde Park. Read The Atlantic Wire’s hilarious coverage of this intriguing tribute.


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