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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, thousands of images of the destruction flooded the Internet, including Wyatt Gallery’s stunning iPhone images of the destruction. But almost a year has passed since Sandy, in which iPhone photo albums have been deleted and Instagram feeds have refreshed a million times. Through an indiegogo campaign, Wyatt is making his images permanent through #SANDY – Seen Through The iPhones of Acclaimed Photographersa photo book of around 100 iPhone photos taken by prominent photographers after the storm. 


The photos’ subjects include flooded houses, destroyed roller coasters and resilient people, telling Sandy’s story from a more human point of view. The book, which will require $22,000 in funding, is scheduled for release in 2014. However, advanced signed copies will be available this October in time for the Sandy Exhibition at The Museum of The City of New York.

hurricane-sandy-lyle-owerko-untappedPhoto By Lyle Owerko

Last November, Wyatt showed his photos at numerous fundraising exhibitions for Sandy relief, including a joint fundraiser by Untapped Cities and the Vanderbilt Republic. Now, Wyatt is looking to follow up that success with the book, pairing online fundraising with traditional publishing. As evidenced by its title, #Sandy reflects a unique convergence of technology, social media and traditional publishing in journalism and social action. All of the royalties will be donated to Occupy Sandy, a grassroots relief organization that provides aid to communities affected by Sandy. The campaign opened on August 5 and will run until September 6.


All photos by Wyatt Gallery unless otherwise noted. Get in touch with the author @catku

 Hurricane Sandy

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    If they really were “Acclaimed NYC Photographers” they would have used real cameras and not low grade iphones.

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