Here are our picks from the best of the Untapped Cities Photo Pool, featuring works of intrepid Untapped Cities readers and explorers. To submit to our weekly roundup of the best of the Untapped Cities Photo Pool, hashtag your photos #untappedcities. Also, follow along to see what others are snapping!

An insider view of the Woolworth Building by @whygams, a lucky Woolworth employee. We’ll be giving an Untapped Cities tour of the Woolworth Building in November:

Manhattan- woolworth lobby- lower ny

This look at juxtaposing architectural history in London by @relaxocat:

london-then and now- london tower-thames

A shot of Banksy’s grimy boot black shining away at Ronald McDonald‘s oversized shoe by @vincepix:

Banksy-Greenwich Village- Shoe shine

@tinpanalleypictures sees a reverse silhouette of Manhattan and Queens in this photo from Paris:

Manhattan- instagram- silhouette

@gigi_nyc shares this Tom Otterness sculpture of naked superheroes after reading our piece on the awkward Leda and the Swan sculpture in Midtown:

Tom Otterness-Superhero-Privates Exposed-NYC-Midtown

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 Banksy, woolworth building

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