2. Union Square Station

Swan is all alone when he makes it to the Union Square subway station. He is supposed to meet up with the rest of the gang there, but is left looking around with a skate riding gang member following him. The man on skates is a member of the “Punks,” another gang among the many who are after The Warriors. The station went through a complete renovation in the 90’s to make it easy for commuters to get around the station, quite different than the one which Swan treks through in search of his brethren.

1. Coney Island

After a grueling night of running and fighting, the surviving members of The Warriors make it back home to Coney Island. The home of The Wonder Wheel, The Cyclone and others, the amusement park and beach are a staple of New York City. The park was owned by the family of Carol Hill Albert since 1962; she sold the rights to Thor Equities in November 2006. It is in Coney Island where The Warriors finally face off against The Rouges, and where Luther delivers the famous “Warriors, come out to play” line, which has been referenced in music videos and is the line said before the introduction to The Golden State Warriors NBA basketball team.

You can read more on Coney Island history and news here. All Film Still Courtesy of The Official Warriors Film Page

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