Joe Evans-Metographie-Untapped Cities-Paris-France-Art-Nouvelor Ganon-Bastille-Paris MetorMetrographie Event Poster (Image via Nouvelor Ganon)

The Paris Métro system is one of the most celebrated transit systems in the world, serving not only as a transit service, but as a symbol on par with the city’s landmarks. Opening in 1900, the system is noted for its beautiful Art Nouveau design and for being the busiest transit service in Europe. Currently The Métro is under massive construction to further extend lines throughout the city.

Joe Evans, a graphic artist from Glasgow, Scotland who lives in Paris, has noticed that the signs accompanying the stations have not been changed in almost twenty years. He has been re-imagining the Paris Métro station signs with a new illustration daily since last fall.

Eight of these prints, from the Métrographie series have been handpicked by curator Susie Kahlich of Vingt Paris to be on display in the Nouvel Organon, a gallery in Paris from April 18 to May 11th. Here are a few more below:

Pigalle-Joe Evans-Paris Metro

Joe Evans-Untapped Cities-Art-Graphic Design-Paris-France-Metrographie-Nouevel Organon-Francois Mitterrand Biblotheque

A graduate of Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities, the artist has researched all 303 stations for it’s historical inspiration and significance, using what he has learned to create idiosyncratic visual tributes for each station. So far, the artist has gone through one third of the rapid transit system.

Charles de Gaulle Etoile-Joe Evans-Paris Metro

Patrons (most traveling by the Metro) will get to view how Joe expresses wit, imagination and individuality for the stations he has paid tribute to up to now. The eight prints were chosen by the gallery to showcase the cultural relationship the graphic designs have for the station and the neighborhoods those stations represent.

Joe Evans-Untapped Cities-Art-Graphic Design-Paris-France-Metrographie-Nouevel Organon

Joe’s project is not the only project to use the Metro stations for inspiration: Janol Apin Took Photographs of Metro Stations, Translating Them Literally. Also check out these 6 abandoned Paris subway stations and some wild conceptual plans for their reuse.

 Joe Evans, Paris Metro

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