The weather is getting better finally in NYC. Isn’t it time you checked out some of our curated picks of the week?

Monday April 7th

Start off the week by heading over to the Scandinavia House on 58 Park Avenue. The Nordic Center in America is playing host to an interesting dance-noir created by The Danise Lumière Dance Company, who mix dance, music and theater, to bring literary adaptations to the stage. The work the Dance Company will be paying tribute to is the poetry of 2011 Noble Prize winner  Tomas Tranströmer. Tickets and more information can be found here.

Also don’t miss the street art exhibit at the Jeffrey Leder Gallery in Long Island City that just opened Saturday. Members of the graffiti community have come together to respond to the whitewashing of 5 Pointz through art.

Tuesday April 8th

Part of the Emerging Poets Fellowship public lecture series. Edwin Torres will lead a discussion exploring what is required for aspiring poets, to go beyond the edges of language.

The Anthology Film Archives in the Village will be hosting the second annual Take Two Film Festival. The festival showcases, celebrates and awards a newer generation of film directors who try to blend art and technology to create interesting and compelling documentary and fiction films.

Wednesday April 9th

The Queens Council of The Arts is hosting an interactive two-part workshop for teach people how to build and cultivate relationships with individual donors. The workshop will be run with the help of fundraising consultant Dara Silverman. The first ten people will not only be a part of the workshop, but will have the chance to create and present fundraising options that the Council will review.

Thursday April 10th

In 1960, Peter Sampson tried to hack the NYC Subway. Using a computer the size of an elevator car, he tried to do what we all try to do every day: find the fastest route through the NYC Subway System. It lead to him and a group of like minded schoolmates to try again a year later to perfect this route, that would get them through the elaborate NYC Subway system in record time. This multi-media presentation at the NYC Transit Museum led by Micheal Miscione, a Manhattan historian, will show in detail the two attempts Sampson lead to break the record. Interviews with Sampson were recorded and will presented at the event.

Friday April 11th

In early 2002, photographer Paul Margolis journeyed into the un-restored parts of Ellis Island. The Island has a personal meaning to the photographer as his grandparents were two of the thousands whose walked through the halls of Ellis Island in order to migrate to America. To see the extraordinary work, head over to the Living Room Gallery at St. Peter’s Church for this hidden look at Ellis Island.

Saturday April 12th

The Institute of Jewish Research is conducting a lecture on The Impact of World War I and The Russian Revolution. Author and former advisor to President Regan, Richard Pipes will be conducting this lecture on events that predate the holocaust.

On the roof of 407 Johnson Avenue there will be an afternoon rooftop party celebrating the end of winter and the arrival (finally) of Spring. There will DJ’s spinning techo and dance music the the entire day, with some of the best NYC street artists including Fumero, Elle, CAM and Whisbe painting murals across the rooftop. For more information, head over the events Facebook page.

Sunday April 13th

Independent bookstores are becoming rarer and rarer to find in NYC. However, the beloved locations for book nerds looking for the latest novel by their favorite under-the-radar author, or just looking for  a quiet place to read a couple pages are not going out easily. Two of the most popular indie bookstores Housing Works and Mcnally Jackson are hosting the Downtown Literary Festival. From kids events to adult readings, the festival has a little something for everyone. The event is taking place throughout the day at both Housing Works and Mcnally Jackson.

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