Here are our picks for the best of the Untapped Cities Photo Pool: Vantage Point. We picked these photos because they are all taken from an unexpected perspective. Remember, to have one of your photos entered in the running for a “Best Of” nod, just use  #untappedcities on Instagram or Twitter. Keep an eye on what contributors and readers are checking out by browsing the live feed.

Chasing Light by Denn_ice aka Denn_ice



Tokyo by ☢ショーン☠ aka iron_fists_nyc



Afterlight by Ridd aka edd_brock


History by diLLon aka dillon.fraioli



Taxi, Taxi by Soap aka black_soap



Clapham Common Tube Station by Paul Crompton aka major_rawles


For more of the Untapped Cities photo pool, see here!

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