7. West Side YMCA

In the season 3 episode “The Boyfriend” Jerry meets his favorite baseball player Keith Hernandez in the West Side YMCA locker room. With various locations spread out throughout the city, the YMCA has provided NYC with a place where kids, as well as adults can learn about living healthier lives for over 100 years.

west side ymca gargoyle

The episode is most famous for the famous “Magic Loogie” story, where Kramer and Newman tell Elaine and Jerry the story of being spit on by Keith Hernandez. After hearing the story, Jerry re-enacts the incident, using a golf club to show that it was in fact someone else who spit on Kramer and Newman and not Keith Hernandez. The classic sequence was a riff on the “Magic Bullet Theory” scene in the  early 90’s Oliver Stone film JFK – which actor Wayne Knight was featured in.