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You may remember the map that called out the best coffee shops near each subway station in ManhattanQueens and Brooklyn. Well, Thrillist has just done the same thing but for bars! With this creative take on the traditional subway map, it’s easy to find any local drinking hole near subway stations around Manhattan . Broken down further by subway line for clear viewing, here are their callouts:

1 Line

Some of our favorites listed include Jacob’s Pickles on the Upper West Side, Minton’s in Harlem for southern revival cuisine and refreshments while listening to live jazz music, Whitehorse Tavern where the Beat Generation writers drank, Columbia University undergrad haunt The Heights, Peter McManus which is home to one of the last remaining wooden phone booths, and Barcade, a combination bar and arcade with a focus on classic video games and American craft beer.

Bar Subway Map-Thrillist-1 Line-NYC

7 Line

Along the 7 Line is the Grand Central Oyster Bar, just outside the Whispering Gallery, one of the many secrets of Grand Central Terminal:

Bar Subway Map-Thrillist-7-Line-NYC

4-5-6 Line:

Along the 4-5-6 line, there’s the new Milk & Honey, a less exclusive but equally unmarked speakeasy from the one that started it all, hidden bar Angel’s Share, and the ever classic Spring Lounge. At Earl’s Beer and Cheese. enjoy a beer selection that changes daily, a wide selection of cheese and bread pudding that’s ‘stupid good’.

Bar Subway Map-Thrillist-4-5-6-Line-NYC

A-C-E Line

Along this extensive line, there’s the self explanatory Bier International in Harlem, the  lovely Dead Poet on the Upper West Side and the King Cole Bar where the Bloody Mary was created. THere’s also the Trailer Park Lounge on 23rd Street where you can escape the city streets for a vibe more akin to Southern Florida or Memphis with cocktails and Southern cuisine in a legitimately transformed trailer park.

Bar Subway Map-Thrillist-A-C-Line-NYC

B-D-F-M Lines

Since the B-D aligns with the A-C uptown, many of the bars here are the same but further downtown there’s the always fabulous speakeasy Raines Law Room and the ever quirky 169 Bar:

Bar Subway Map-Thrillist-B-D-F-M-Line-NYC

N-Q-R Lines

Along the N-Q-R, there’s The Nomad Bar (although the Library of The Nomad is the most stunning but for guests only, technically) and the old New Yorky Dead Rabbit, just around the corner from historic Fraunces Tavern. There’s also more mainstream options here like Whiskey Park and Flute.

Bar Subway Map-Thrillist-N-R-Q-Line-NYC

L Line

Besides the perviously mentioned Raines Law Room, there’s West Village spot Art Bar and Beauty Bar, still one of our favorites to dance among authentic old beauty parlor furniture:

Bar Subway Map-Thrillist-S Line-NYC

J-M-Z Line

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of tavern like spots along the J-M-Z which runs through downtown Manhattan like The Patriot, Iron Horse, Growler Bites & Brews, and Whiskey Tavern. Nitecap is an underground bar run by the same guys as Death & Co. and Sel Rrose, a cocktail and oyster bar named after RRose Selavy, the alter ego of Marcel Duchamp.

Bar Subway Map-Thrillist-J-M-Z-Line-NYC

See the Manhattan Coffee Map here or the Queens and Brooklyn Coffee Map, and check out more fun maps in our Fun Maps Column

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