Herald Sq. in 1906 with elevated train and Saks behind. Image via Museum of the City of New York

The Herald Center on 34th Sreet in Herald Square is getting an all new look. The blue, glass facade is being replaced in what seems like an attempt to make the often-overlooked Herald Square more glamorous like Times Square. As reported by Ephemeral New York, with the work underway, the original 1902 building has been revealed under the sheets of blue glass.

A limestone building, originally Saks & Company’s flagship 34th Street store, it later became part of Gimbel’s. It was then sold to Korvette’s in the 1960s which went bankrupt in 1980. The lovely stone building was then covered in glass in 1985 and made into a vertical mall called the “Herald Center.” Replacing Daffy’s will be a huge H&M store.

With the new designs for H&M, the original facade isn’t going to reappear anytime soon, but it’s reassuring to see that it’s in relatively good condition despite having been hidden for the past three decades.
Image via CUNY
Rendering of new Herald Center. Image via the Real Deal
For more on the history of Herald Square, check out Vintage Photos: The Origins of Herald Square, Macy’s and Manhattan Mall. And for another building that has been covered to the point of non-recognition, look at One Times Square.

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