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In our monthly showcase, Untapped Cities Street Art Columnist Christopher Inoa highlights the top five New York City graffiti and street art pieces found on the city’s walls, rooftops and tunnels. To see last month’s list, click here 

A brutally cold February in New York City has delivered record cold temperatures and has frozen much of the Hudson River. This isn’t ideal weather for artists and those of us who explore the city looking both high and low (and we mean really low) for great art. However, fortune favors the bold and those who battle the elements to paint out in the open or secretly somewhere in NYC’s many tunnels and abandoned locations should be praised. Respect also goes to the people who take their time to find and document the work of these artists, journeying to discover art free of censorship or approval from anyone but the artist themselves.

For those who need just a little more encouragement to go out and explore the city, looking for the best art in NYC, we are here to help. Here are the best street art and graffiti pieces for February 2015.

5. Me & Clint Mario

Clint Mario-Me-Untapped Cities-Street Art-Super Mario-NYCClint Mario & Me (Clint Mario via Instagram)

Clint Mario is one of the most hilarious street artists in NYC. Throughout the city, Clint has been making appearances in bus stops, walls and phone booths, both parodying modern advertisement, and perhaps unintentionally conjuring nostalgia. This month, we received tips of a collaboration with street artist “ME” where they parody the original Game Boy Super Mario Land cover art.  As seen in the photo above, the faces of Super Mario has been replaced by the face used in all of Clint Mario’s art. It is both super funny and takes us back to a time where handheld video game consoles screens were green and only had a handful of buttons.

4. Icy & Sot

Icy and Sot-Untapped Cities-LES-Centre Fuge Public Arts Project-Street Art-NYCIcy & Sot (IcyandSot via Instagram)

Icy and Sot, like many artists from their native Iran, focuses heavily on spreading political messages with their art. In this simple, yet powerful piece as part of the Centre-fuge Public Art Project, the brothers have two figures embracing each other. One of them is white, the other black. Over the past year, the topic of race has been a strong figure in the national conversation, especially in NYC where the topic of racism was one of the main factors in the Eric Garner protests late last year.  The artists, who have personally gone through tragedy have a message for everyone: Embrace each other, no matter your skin color or race.

3. Dek

Dek-Untapped Cities-Bowery Station-Graffiti-Art-NYCDek (TheCityWanderer via Instagram)

This Dek piece in the abandoned Bowery subway platform may not be around for very long, as the MTA frequently washes away any graffiti found there. Thankfully, we get a chance to see the simple yet stylish piece in its fresh glory, with the silver letters and colorful bubbles shining out among the dirty tiles of the station.

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2. Klops

Klops-Untapped Cities-Art-Graffiti-Urbex-NYCKlops (SMJKR via Instagram)

From this piece, it seems that Klops is not only going to outlive us all, but he will continue to leave his name and unique characters in abandoned places around NYC. Whether Klops is happy with the idea of continuing to write his names for the next 80 years is not clear, but for those of us who like to see great graffiti, which both catches our eye and makes us laugh, we hope that Klops will continue until he is a very old man.

1. Home

Home-BTR-Untapped Cities-NYC-Abandoned-Urbex-Graffiti-ArtHome (SMJKR via Instagram

With winter almost over, we could not think of a piece better to symbolize the transition of winter to spring then this beautiful piece by graffiti artist Home. Among the white of the ice and the gray of the wall is this piece filled with glorious color. It’s hard for this piece not to stand out with its mixture of pink, yellow, orange and purple. The piece bring new life and even warmth to this abandoned location somewhere in NYC.

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If anyone has a Game Boy for him, so he could play Super Mario Land, contact the author @ChrisLInoa

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