Jerkface-Alex Diaz-Queen Andrea-RRobots-Wane-Indie-Cope 2-Cern-Crycle-Graffiti-Street Art-Untapped CitiesJerkface, Alexis Diaz, The 191 Beautification Project, Crycle & Cern

In our monthly showcase, Untapped Cities Street Art Columnist Christopher Inoa highlights the top five New York City graffiti and street art pieces found on the city’s walls, rooftops and tunnels. 

It’s now that time of year where we make the switch to ice coffee and any piece of clothing that goes below the knee, or elbow is in the back of the closet. Our music playlists are filled with music that make us want to dance. And it’s also a good time as any to go out and find all the new art that has popped up around the city. Nostalgia, color, and a strong attention to detail has gone into the pieces highlighted this month. If this is a preview of the work to come in the summer months, we’re excited. Here are the top five pieces of May 2015. 

5. Jerkface

Jerkface-Ren and Stimpy-Untapped Cities-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-Street ArtRen & Stimpy (Jerkface via Instagram)

Last month, Jerkface painted this fascinating truck of Homer Simpson surrounded by one his favorite foods. This month, Jerkface is once again making ’90s kids everywhere nostalgic. While we don’t know if anyone will break out in singing the classic “Happy Happy Joy Joy,” this mural of Ren Höek and Stimpson J. Cat (a.k.a Ren & Stimpy) will take us back to spending summer afternoons with the asthmatic chihuahua, and his dim-witted, but lovable cat friend.

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