This upcoming week in New York City features our tours to Execution Rocks Lighthouse and Island, Hudson Square in 3D festival, the Chelsea Music Festival, and a tour of the Woolworth Building.

Monday, June 8th

The Northside Film Festival begins gives emerging filmmakers a platform to showcase their work to new audiences. Festivities will continue from Northside all week, with Williamsburg Walks art installment June 13-14, Northside Music Festival June 11-14 and the Northside Innovation conference.

For the ambulatory enthusiasts, sign up for the Elastic City participatory walk workshop, which engages 12 participants on a five day, 3-hour-a-week walk through the sights, sounds, and experiences of the city.

Tuesday, June 9th

Join architecture and design organization Van Alen Institute’s Book Club in one of their Break Out Discussions. The book of the month: Speedboat, the 1970s-era cult favorite by Renata Adler. Open to any and all and led by Los Angeles-based journalist and architecture-writer Mimi Zieger.

Wednesday, June 10th

The Hudson Square neighborhood, a former printing hub of New York City, will host Hudson Square in 3D: Design, Demo, Discuss looking at the future of design, tech, and media to life with two days of events that will include live 3D printing exhibits, an evening of rapid-fire talks with design thinkers.

Registration opens for camping in NYC Parks at Alley Pond Park, home of the city’s oldest and tallest tree.

Thursday, June 11th

Take a narrated boat tour of Brooklyn with the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance of the boroughs industrial waterfront history from Newtown Creek to Sunset Park.

Friday, June 12th

The Chelsea Music Festival begins again, an arts, culinary and music festival that takes place in numerous unique venues through New York City. Win two tickets from us to the June 14th gala concert inside the Starrett-Lehigh Building at Canoe Studios.

In the show Blogologues, the internet (and the most ridiculous blog and social media postings) are performed. Last November, co-creators Alli and Jen were featured on the cover of Time Out New York, and ranked among “the top ten funniest women in NYC.” You can catch them this Saturday and later this month in their “Best of Blogologues” taking place at The PIT.

Saturday, June 13th

We’ve got two amazing Untapped Cities tours on Saturday, including a tour to haunted Execution Rocks Lighthouse and Island that will support their preservation effort as well as a tour of the off-limits Woolworth Building lobby.

The Welling Court Mural Project will open again for the 6th year with 80+ artists in this outdoor street art venue, one of the great alternatives to 5Pointz.

Sunday, June 14th

Harlem’s annual Mount Morris Park Historic House Tour returns. From 11am to 4pm, follow the “Old Places, New Spaces” Self-Guided tour at your leisure. Visit more than 10 venues including a mansion in mid-restoration, brownstone homes in a range of styles with period details, live-work spaces, a luxury high garden, and talk with small business owners who have turned their spaces into unique environments reflecting their own history and their embrace of Harlem.

Join us on an upcoming Untapped Cities tour including exploration of Execution Rocks Lighthouse, Tour of the Woolworth Building, Behind the Scenes NYC Tour of Hunts Point Produce Terminal.

 Top 10 NYC Events

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