times SquareA Year on Broadway: Times Square, 45th to 46th Street, December 17, 2014″ Image via

Ever the cataloguer of the city’s facades, corners, and stories, 58-year old New York artist Elise Engler has drawn every single block of Broadway on its own sheet of paper. Each one, rounding out at around 6 by 12 inches, depicts a different intersection of the historic street, all two hundred and fifty-something blocks of it. Engler, recently featured in The New Yorker, is no stranger to such painstakingly executed detail. In the 90s, she drew an 85-square foot tableau of her worldly possessions, titled “Everything I Own.” This new project, called “A Year On Broadway,” took exactly 365 days to complete. She started on both ends, working her way down until she hit West 107th Street where her studio was located, on the very last day. Part of an astounding work of discipline and realism, each portrait (as they should really be called) needs few descriptors

Here are eleven of Engler’s most intriguing snapshots.

11. 1 Broadway and Alternate South Terminus

A Year on Broadway“A Year on Broadway: 1 Broadway and Alternate South Terminus, May 19, 2014” Image via

One of Engler’s first drawings, completed just over a year ago, features the southern end Manhattan, the literal start of historic Broadway. 1 Broadway now houses an office building, but was once known as the Kennedy House, built for Archibald Kennedy, the 11th Earl of Cassilis, in the late 18th century.

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