Top 10 NYC Street Art 2015 So Far-Untapped Cities-Christopher InoaTop Ten Street Art Murals for The First Half of 2015

For the past six months, the artists living all around us in New York City have done their part in trying to make the city a little more beautiful. Through the very cold of winter, to the rainy spring, to what appears to be another sweltering summer, the artists listed here have not only successfully painted murals that are exquisite artistically, but have also inspired us to keep exploring, keep finding and keep documenting great art. In this roundup of top 10 street art murals for the first half of 2015, we’ve combined new art uncovered this month as well as favorites from our monthly column:

10. ErinKelli Kilbane

ErinKelli Killbane-Untapped Cities-Art-Staten Island-Art-Street Art-NYCErinKelli Killbane (Centre-Fuge Public Art Project via Instagram)

First appearing on our April 2015 Edition of the street art rankings, Staten Island’s ErinKelli Killbane’s mural still stands out to us as a unique piece of work, not really seen in the wider New York City street art scene. We said back in April that is succeeded in “giving us Edgar Allen Poe vibes, with the branches coming out of the giant heart and taken over the house.” That statement still stands, what we failed to really express however, was while haunting, the piece is also beautiful. Not everything has to have a political message or a parody of a corporate logo, sometimes all you need is a good location, some paint and an artist of exceptional talent.

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