Created over a three-day period at the Javits Center by Haring and 1,000 youngsters for the charity CityKids Foundation. The banner measures 90′ x 30′ and is six stories in height. Image via CityKids Foundation

In 1986, Keith Haring got together with the CityKids Foundation as part of the Statue of Liberty’s 100th anniversary celebration to create “Kids Speak on Liberty,” a portrait of the statue that became known as The Liberty Banner. Coinciding with the 25th year of Haring’s passing, the banner, which has traveled the world, has been unveiled for the first time in more than two decades this in New Jersey’s Liberty State Park by CityKids Foundation President and Founder, Laurie Meadoff, the Executive Director of the Keith Haring Foundation, Julia Gruen, and other notables.

Haring, along with 1,000 youngsters from all five Boroughs and the original members of New Kids on the Block, created the six-story banner and unveiled it for the first time while Herbi Hancock, Peter Yarrow and Philip Glass filled the room with music. After it was displayed for the first time, the banner moved to Battery Park City, and was later used as a backdrop for Paul McCartney’s performance at the 2002 Super Bowl in New Orleans when he sang ‘Freedom.’ Since then, it has toured in such cities as Milan and Paris. This year marks the 30th anniversary of The CityKids Foundation, an organization that offers youth development, arts and educational programs for young people ages 13 to 22. The banner’s proceeds will go towards funding more CityKids Foundation projects and initiatives.

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