Keep this one for the books. Brooklyn resident Frank Traynor is opening an unconventional new business on the Rockaway Peninsula. He calls it The Nothing Mud and Seltzer House, selling, you guessed it, mud baths and seltzer. But to be honest, seeing as his current set-up in the back yard of a gallery in Brooklyn is called The Perfect Nothing Catalog, we’re not exactly surprised.

That’s because Frank Traynor is a purveyor of curiosities. His original Perfect Nothing shack, which has sold everything from fossilized dinosaur poop to orgonite pyramids, was an old wooden ice shack that he transplanted from upstate New York when he moved to Bushwick in 2012. The items are mostly handmade pieces by artists he admires. And now that he’s making another move to Rockaway Beach, the Perfect Nothing Catalog is coming with him, albeit in a slightly different form. The Observer reports that The Nothing Mud and Seltzer House is set to open in the next few weeks, starting with appointments on Saturdays and Sundays.

The design of Traynor’s new shack is quite simple. A concrete cylinder of hot mud in the front will accommodate four bathers, while an area serving seltzer will be available in the back. Mud and seltzer. Traynor doesn’t oversell, but we’ll admit, drinking seltzer in a mud bath on the beach sounds pretty amazing. The 15 minute bath will cost 7 dollars.

The Perfect Nothing Catalog maintains a Facebook page and a Tumblr profile, each containing photos of the previous Bushwick shack’s assortment of art, found objects, occasional musical performances, and movie screenings. 

Here’s to a muddy, bubbly summer on the beach.

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