Robotic Church - Red Hook - Untapped Cities - NYCRobotic Church. Photo via Altas Obscura

Our top picks this week include a variety of nerdy events – from Comic Con to a robot orchestra to Star Trek star George Takei’s new play. Plus, OHNY Weekend tickets go on sale!

Monday, October 5th

If you’re a fan of folk music, the Museum of the City of New York will be hosting Paul Stookey’s first solo concert in New York City in over 40 years. Stookey, formerly “Paul” from is Peter, Paul, and Mary, was instrumental in the 1960s revival of American folk music.

The Center of Architecture will be continuing its pop-up event Layered NYC: Five Boroughs in Depth, presented as part of the Seaport Culture District. The exhibit explores the current state of New York City’s waterfront and its relation to the city’s history.

Tuesday, October 6th

Love Star Trek and Heroes actor George Takei? Well, you’re in luck because his a new musical, Allegiance, premieres this Tuesday. The musical is inspired by Takei’s unique life experience as a Japanese-American during World War II.

Wednesday, October 7th

Get your tickets to Open House of New York! Online reservations can be made here starting at 11am so make sure to set your alarm.  The weekend will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Upper West Side/Central Park West Historic District (designated in 1990). Here’s a guide to the 12 must-visit locations to check out that weekend.

The New York Transit Museum will be screening One Track Mind: The Story of Preservation and PerseveranceThis documentary focuses on Philip Ashforth Coppola, a man who has devoted 30 years to meticulously cataloging every subway station and their corresponding mosaics. After the screening, Mr. Coppola and director Jeremy Workman will be discussing preservation, documentation, and the artistic idiosyncrasies.

Thursday, October 8th

The Museum of the City of New York explores the history of preservation activism in their event Inventing Preservation. This discussion will focus on the early 19th century pioneers who laid the groundwork for the generations of preservationists to follow. The program delves into many of the themes in their exhibition Saving Place: 50 Years of New York City Landmarkswhich you can view through January 3rd.

 Friday, October 9th

Join the NY Obscura Society and Amorphic Robot Works for a series of private robotic concerts in a historic Red Hook seamen’s church. Never heard of a robotic concert? Well, the Robotic Church houses 42 robots – each capable of performing a unique task that creates its own individual noise to contribute to the “orchestra.” Concerts will be running throughout the weekend for what is sure to be an unforgettable event. (Disclaimer – you have to sign a liability waiver.)

The Museum of the Moving Image will begin its series Frederick Wiseman’s New York. The Museum will present seven of Wiseman’s New York films: Ballet (1995), Central Park (1989), High School II (1994), Hospital (1970), Model (1980), Welfare (1975), and Racetrack (1984), and a discussion program with Wiseman featuring scenes from his new film In Jackson Heights (2015).

Saturday, October 10th

New York’s Comic Con, held at the Javits Center, is guaranteed to make New York City an interesting place to be this weekend. To see what the Javits Center looks like without a thousand people dressed as their favorite comics, check out our behind-the-scenes exclusive of its green roof.

Sunday, October 11th

Untapped Cities will be doing a Behind the Scenes tour of the United Palace Theatre, which includes a ticket to the “The Women of the Fox Film Festival” which will be screening Down Argentine WayThe festival celebrates actresses who helped build Fox Studios. Down Argentine Way stars Betty Grable and Carmen Miranda in her first Hollywood performance.

Check out upcoming Untapped Cities behind-the-scenes tours of NYC.

 Top 10 NYC Events

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