9. 601 Pelham Parkway North

Bronx Entryway 601 Pelham Parkway-Untapped Cities-Architecture-NYC-2

Oh yes, Pelham Parkway has its share of Art Deco buildings too, like this gem between White Plains Road and Bronx Park.

This building was designed by architect Hyman I. Felder, who over the course of a long career is credited with over 2,500 buildings. With that volume of work, it is not surprising he had a reputation for “hack work,” as even his daughter has acknowledged. But, in this case, Felder came up with an attractive design that sets this building apart.

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2 thoughts on “10 Beautiful Apartment Entryways of the Bronx

  1. Having been born and raised in Brooklyn, the Bronx always seemed like a distant country. So sad to say I’ve only ventured into the Bronx a few times during my long life. To the zoo of course, and to the NYBG Train Show last year. Thanks for this wonderful look at the doorways in the Bronx.

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