2. 1005 Jerome Avenue

Not far from the Grand Concourse and Yankee Stadium, the Park Plaza Apartments are a landmark in their own right, in large part due to the terra cotta panels around the entryways. Completed in 1931, but planned before the onset of the Great Depression, it was designed by the same architects who later did the Fish Building.

As described in the historic landmark designation report for the Park Plaza Apartments, the terra cotta panels include an eclectic mix of alternating scenes depicting “a fountain flanked by flamingos, backed by a sunburst, and the other shows the rays of the rising sun shining out from behind a large Bronx apartment house.” It is a striking entryway, but in fact the entire building is an Art Deco tour-de-force.

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2 thoughts on “10 Beautiful Apartment Entryways of the Bronx

  1. Having been born and raised in Brooklyn, the Bronx always seemed like a distant country. So sad to say I’ve only ventured into the Bronx a few times during my long life. To the zoo of course, and to the NYBG Train Show last year. Thanks for this wonderful look at the doorways in the Bronx.

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