JR-UntappedCities-NYC-Street ArtJR via Instagram

French street artist JR, whose work we have covered extensively, most recently in our top 10 2015 NYC street art murals list, is already starting the new year with another initiative. This time, the artist who made us journey to all five boroughs and stepped into the director’s chair for the first time last year, has taken over a truck, putting his signature wheat-pasting artwork on both sides of the vehicle. The truck, manned by JR’s friend Daniel Salin will cross the country. 

Untapped Cities-JR-Street Art-NYCJR via Instagram

The photos, which match on both sides, once again has the artist playing with negative space and perspective. The pictures are of a black surface, with white hands reaching out through the darkness. JR and his team pasted both sides of the truck this weekend, not waiting until after New Year’s weekend to get back to work.

For more check out our JR archive. Check out all 15 pieces of his “Walking New York” series and watch that trailer for the short film he made with Robert Deniro. He’s still recovering from New Year’s, so if you can remind him where he is, contact the author @ChrisLInoa

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